SteemSilverGold round is going to The South Pole!!!

5개월 전

Photo by @thedamus

That's right. Got the confirmation today! After making many calls, leaving many messages and getting some crazy looks over the phone, I did it.

It will be heading first to the McMurdo Station then onto Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station.

After finding the correct people to talk to I told her our idea. She asked me "What was expected when the coin arrived?". I told her she could keep it. She laughed and said "No, no. Do you want a picture of it with the South Pole sign?" My eyes lit up and a big smile filled my face. I said that would be amazing!

She said that was completely doable, but wouldn't be happening until the next mail went out in November. Today I got a return email from her. This one said she will be personally taking this with her on her next trip down there in October.

Proud member of #steemsilvergold! This is beyond BADASS!!!


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Badass work VG! 👊😎.

Maybe I'll take one to to the North Pole some day...🤔


That would be badass too. Have them at both ends of the planet.

Awesome work vg! Fricken’ amaze-ballz really 🤩👍

The coin is ready to go... As I said, I wanna’ take a couple days to let this sweet news sink in, and then figure out how best to package SSG’s fine patronage.
Let’s chit-chat over weekend and hatch a wild plan or two 😜👍


The South Pole baby! 👊😎


Sounds like a plan. I have another crazy plan in the works too. This will cover the Earth, now I'm thinking bigger.


Well, there’s still the ISS to think about, and then the Moon in 2024, and maybe we should give Elon a call and see if we can get to Mars!


We are on discord right now planning the ISS. It looks like it might be possible! I'm going to start calling about it tomorrow. I'm sure it will take some planning.

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Im already in.👍


This is going to be so awesome. I can't wait.

This monumental event can NOT be underestimated. This is fantastic news and I'd like to thank you for all the effort you put in to get this sorted.

I was planning a different blog today, but I really do feel that this news should be shared all over steemit. So I guess I'm writing about this news ☺️ It's great advertisement for the platform (and it so desperately needs it).


I thought it was pretty cool as well. This news should be all over steemit but I don't think many care. Can't wait to see the pic of it with the South Pole sign!

So cool.

My niece did two stints at Amundsen–Scott and one at McMurdo. The image is that it’s all scientists but somebody has to do the grunt work of offloading fuel and keeping the warehouses running smoothly. That was her.


Very cool! Yeah there are more people there than I realized. Can't wait to see our coin there with the South Pole sign! Thanks for stopping by @preparedwombat.

Damn. See what I am late to. Stupid job. That's awesome tho.. can't wait for the pics !tip


Thanks man! This is going to be Epic. Can't wait to see the pics either. Next we are shooting for Low Earth Orbit or maybe get lucky and put it on the ISS!

hey man, that's pretty cool


Hell yeah it is. Can't wait to get the picture of it down there.

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Wow !!! That is smokin cool!!!!!👍


It really is. And this morning I emailed SpaceX to try to get a coin in Low Earth Orbit! Still waiting to hear back on that one.

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