Am I the right person for the job? STEEMSILVERGOLD PLEASE READ!

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Well what a crazy week!!! If you had asked me last month to pick 2 OG members that would walk away from #steemsilvergold, I would have laughed and said "NO ONE WALKS AWAY FROM SSG". But things happen, things change and all we can do is look to ourselves and see what we can do to improve.


After losing the ying to my yang, well maybe not ying and yang, more like the Dolly to my Kenny, the Sonny to my Cher and the Ant to my Dec, I've been asking myself a few questions; what can I offer #steemsilvergold and do they still want me??

download (3).jpeg

Please don't take this as my post of resignation, more of me asking if YOU still think I'm the right person for the job?


So as long as the members of #steemsilvergold are happy for me to continue as "the master of coin" for the @ssg-community account, I'm happy to continue. Things have been made 10times more difficult for me with the loss of my partner in crime, so I'm hoping that @buggedout will come out of retirement and help with the workings behind the scene. After all he is the original @ssg-community bot operator and would be my choice for the job now the position has become available.

As for now, and after talking SSUK, we(he) has come up with a quick fix that should see us through till we can build a new bot, so nothing for our members should change. I'll go in to more detail tonight, with todays #boringpostwednesday.

I could have kept this post so much shorter. All I want to know is that the members of the community are still happy with me to continue in the roles I fill for the @ssg-community account?? As a community, majority rules and decisions belong to all.


So to end this blog I'd like to nominate @summertooth and @silverstackeruk to be considered for membership to #steemsilvergold

🤣🤣🤣🤣 Too soon??



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You have my full confidence, Welshy. I'd also take either of the guys who left, back in a heartbeat too.

I think you’re doing an excellent job welshie, and I have full confidence in you. I would also like to second both of your nominations. I agree: @summertooth and @silverstackeruk would make excellent additions to our thriving community.


This mod approves both of these nominations.


Thanks @thedamus, I hope we both come back.

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You have done a good job as well.👍

You've been doing a great job with @ssg-community so long may it continue!

You've got my full support, as always.

110% abso-fuckin-lutely!!!! you have done more than your share for the community, with NO expectation of anything in return.

@welshstacker, I think you're doing great in your role and would hope that you stick around! 😉

I don't know all the details about what has transpired, but obviously the loss of some OG members isn't desirable.

Hopefully they can work things out and make their way back to SSG.

This is a nice and thoughtful post. Thank you!

I am happy with your master of coin ways and suggestion of @buggedout.

I would also suggest that if @buggedout isn’t interested in the position long term.... this could be an opportunity for him to train another member who has the inclination and head for “bot things”.

I missed all the goings on but hell yes!

First let me just say I am very pleased with all of the work that you do here in #SSG. Not only pleased but in fact very grateful! Keep Calm and Carry On!

I have no problems with that, I haven't even created my own Stackitis Nurse bot yet or even how to do it.

I still do not know what OG stands for. And I love what you guys all do besides your busy jobs.


Original Gangster (funny American expression). So OG means people who have been part of ssg for a long time who are core active members. ☺️

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You are doing a fine job, @welshstacker.

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