@dfinney wanted to give me the moon, and she succeeded!



Even now, the generosity of the #steemsilvergold community still surprises me.

Let me tell you all a little story about one girl that gave one guy the moon.....


I wrote a blog a few weeks back, talking about how cool all the mini-mints are over in the good ol' USofA and how lucky you guys are to be able to pick up some amazing designs. That blog can be found "HERE", and all stemmed because I happened to come across an article for a particular design that I thought looked amazing


These stunning 1/4oz and full 1oz designs are a true representation of the surface of the moon, transferred in great detail on to silver rounds.



With a tongue in cheeky title "How cool are these silver rounds? Someone buy me one..", I wasn't really expecting anyone to actually go out and buy me one. Then up steps @dfinney:


At this point I had no idea what @dfinney was planning. I was thinking maybe it's a Christmas card, I was thinking maybe it's a "congratulations it's a girl" card (Mrs W is expecting), I honestly was not expecting what arrived at my door yesterday.


And here it is, my toosh, I work so hard it actually fell off!!

(that's not really my bum. That's @summertooth 'a bum)

Anyway, back to the story... So even after the envelope arrived i still had no idea what was inside. Look, as a "stacker" we always love getting silver in the post, but I honestly wasnt expecting it to be silver, so I was at a loss.

Thankfully, my trusted sidekick 1/2pint was on hand to help me open it:


It didn't take him long, and before we knew it, out popped this stunning little silver round.


And just like I suspected, these are just as cool looking in person as they looked online.

So I must say a MASSIVE thank you to @dfinney for this fantastic surprise.


Running the @ssg-community account was a daunting task at first, but it's definitely been well worth it, to see our community stick together through everything this crypto-space has thrown at us and come out stronger the other side.

Its an honour, and in fact my pleasure to be helping out such an amazing group here on #steemit. So although this gift was totally unexpected, if any other members want to send me cool stuff just hit me up in discord. 🤣🤣🤣


Speaking of cool stuff... FYI - secret sanata starts tomorrow. So keep an eye out for the blog and get ready to put your name down if you'd like to take part again this year.


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Yay! Glad it made it and that the UK govt. didn’t charge you any tax on the package! 🎉 🎊


It surprised me too. Thank you @dfinney, it is a stunning piece and will go into my "secret" stash.

Hey, you been here working your butt off , you deserve some recognition from the others that worked their butts off, congrats @welshstacker

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Spectacular piece, from a spectacular person, to a well deserved man.


Cheers @fat-elvis this community is just so brilliant. I'm glad I'm a part of it.

Wonderful gift, well deserved!


Thanks my friend. Its always great to feel appreciate, although that's not why I do my bit for the community.

You Deserve this Great Gift from @dfinney Welshie. Pretty Cool Pieces.....Thanks for sharing them and showing Us @welshstacker


As always my friend, you guys are the reason I do what I can. Thanks for ALWAYS being a massive part of that.

That's awesome


It is and Dfinney definitely is.

So nice @welshstacker, now you can moon everyone Lol!!!🤗


Hahahaha, yes I can!!



Dude, you said you would not share that picture. :(
Now you have to wait until 2020 for the next one.


It's too good not to. #sendnudes

great silver rounds you received @welshstacker

Only our dear @dfinney can give you the moon, @welshstacker! That is how wonderful she is! We are lucky to have her as one of the family in the SSG community. I love her!


She's amazing and there I was thinking she had a soft spot for my mate @ huw28582, turns out it was me all along. Lol


To be fair huw is the bee’s knees. 😉