The great 250SP giveaway and steembasicincome shares.

2년 전

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I think we all know how this works by now??

You send me (@welshstacker) 1 steem and @ssg-community buys you A @steembasicincome share.

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But that's not the good bit!! Any member of #steemsilvergold that takes part in this, also gets an opportunity to have 250SP delegation to @ssg-community. That's a nice little upvote from Precious. Now this can be a stand alone delegation or added to any exciting upvote you may already receive.


So what are you waiting for? Send me your steem, and at post payout, I'll close the giveaway and draw the winner, live on our discord channel.

You can buy as many tickets as you want and every ticket guarantees a SBI share plus a chance at winning a 250sp delegation



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Thank you for using CryptoSicko!

Well done and thank you for joining and supporting my subscription based upvoting bot that provides you with daily upvotes in exchange for your spare STEEM POWER.
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Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Man I have really like that extra boost this month... going to have to try for it again

I have just sent you 10 steem, as always...

I will when I have steem, @welshstacker!