Today’s flea market finds...

2년 전


What’s up everyone? Hopefully everyone is having a great Sunday, awesome weather today and now we are getting major storms! Tornado watches and all.

This morning I finally got a chance to make it to the flea market. Wasn’t looking very good at first just a couple coins here and there. But I finally found me some loot. A guy had a 35 uncirculated Walking Liberty halves. He first gave me a number for all them and I just had to laugh and I told him I would check back before I left because he didn’t like my offer. I didn’t even walk away 5 minutes and he came and found me and said he would take it! BAM!!!


I ended up getting a hell of a deal on them, after I bought them I found another damn good deal on some Mercury Dimes but I didn’t have enough cash, so I went to the atm and before I got back somebody snagged them up before I could! Oh well atleast I got the walkers! Everyone have a great evening!!

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My friend, could you look at discord? I left a message for you.

Wait, there are still UNCIRCULATED walking liberty half dollars?!?!?!?!? Oh. My. God!!! Nice score Willie!! That's #piratesunday shit right there. WOW.


Oh yeah there still out there!!

How the sh*t did you find that many uncirculated walking Liberty halves!!!!

Brilliant score my friend!


Got very lucky!! Thanks!

Awesome handful willi! 😎👍


Oh yeah!👊👊😎😎

Hold on a minute. You found 35 uncirculated! I am jealous because those are some great looking coins. Haha!

Do you plan on getting any of them graded?


Lol, haven’t really thought about it yet

Whoa!!! That's amazing... that's got to be one of the best flea market hauls yet!


There is always something good at that place!!