LCS run.....

2년 전


What’s up everyone? Well this morning I woke up kinda early so I figured I would make a quick run to to the shop. I hadn’t been there for about week so I was hoping for something good. But I was let down, she didn’t have much. She said I guy came in yesterday and bought a lot. So I guess I was a day late! Only thing I got was a old Franklin, I couldn’t go home empty handed!


So I headed home to get ready for work and just had to stop by the hamburger joint and get one of them bad boys!!


Everyone have a great evening and keep stackin!!!

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Evert little bit counts and that burger looks tasty!


That’s right!

Nice franklin, and great looking burger! Jalapenos —yum!


Gotta have the jalapeños 🌶🌶🌶