My latest Commemorative addition...

2년 전


What’s up everyone? Well today we had to go to Morgantown for Tracy’s 2 month check up and today was the day. Dr. Klein scheduled her hip transplant finally, it is going to be in September or early October. We will get a exact date in the next couple weeks. They are gonna take her off all antibiotics after we go on vacation in June and as long as nothing flares up between then and September the surgery will be a go! Fingers crossed!🤞🤞🤞

On our way back we went to a antique store that we had seen before and I am glad we did. First coin I found there was a 1895 $5 Liberty Head gold coin, I couldn’t believe that this coin was sitting in a antique shop! I wanted it but they would not come down on the price what so ever so I had to pass but I’m kinda glad I did because I came across a 1921 Alabama Commemorative Half and had to have it, ended up getting a decent price on it and my Commemorative collection keeps growing!



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Pole vaulting a bull dressed as batman... fail.

That’s got some great detail Will, nice pick up


Thanks, yeah I really like it!

I got to get a better lens for those close ups.

Ouch! My schadenfreud is howling 😜