My drawing: Stax ~ the silvergoldbotty, New image!

3년 전

Hi Hi steemit community!! How's everybody? I hope that excellent :)

Today I bring you a drawing made by a challenge that my brother @edxserverus made me.


To make this beautiful robot girl @silvergoldbotty:

stax diseño limpio.png


And as you can see, I was able to achieve it! Hehehe! and I wanted to try a new image on her ~

First I drew the sketch of how his body and position would be, and after having it, I started adding the details of the hair and face (which is always the most important thing for me).

fotito 1.png

Next of all the details of the robotic body with pencil.

fotito 2.png

And finally, color it with pens and ink. Mark where the brightness and shadows would be with a pencil, and use the same ink on them...

fotito 3.png

Honestly it is the first time that I draw with nibs and black ink the treat of shadows and brightness in a drawing ... I hope you like them :)

My design is open to suggestions for making new ideas and views of Stax - @silvergoldbotty

see you next ~ :D

And have an excellent night!

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Sweet! Our baby is up on her feet!

I am proud of my little sister, I know she will be a great support for me and for the community. Now it's my turn to give it a little more of the stax style

Umm, wow. I know you mentioned this in the past and I've been early awaiting this. I really love it. It's super cool and your capture the face perfectly. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you can do!


thank you very much!
I hope to be a support for the community with my new designs :) and be of your liking

Very nice indeed!! You did a great job!


Thank you very much! It is a compliment coming from you :)

Great job I love it! My idea is to have her posing with the Steem coin like on my profile banner on my page, please do :-)


Thank you very much! and sure, I'll tell my older brother @edxserverus to see what we can do


Well it was him that made my banner in the first place lol! He's a dude, I really
Ike how it came out drawn by hand :-)

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thank you very much! I hope to continue being help for the community with my new designs :)

You are very talented...and she looks good on her feet for once


thank you very much! It is the first and it will not be the last :)

@xaliart Very nicely done with getting STAX on her feet.


thank you! :)


Thank you!

Great work, looks awesome!


Thank you!

I have some side jobs for art if you or @edxserverus are interested. Paying in SBD


It would be great for us to participate in your projects, just tell us your idea ~

Hola qué tal? No soy hispanohablante pero estudio español desde Marzo 2017 en el Instituto Cervantes en Holanda. Muchas gracias por la Nueva Stax. Me la gusta mucho. Tambien leé tu Introduction en steemit. Me te suguiro ahore. Y upvote !


¡Muchas gracias por el apoyo! Saludos~

That's talent, She looks really good. Can't wait till see what you do with her.


thank you very much! I hope that my next designs are to your liking too

Well done!


Thank you!