Margarita's to Fuel SSS Filming Night!

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Hi Steem Fam,

Mary and I got together to film yesterday and she was completely famished from working a 12 hour day non-stop with no food (the poor girl!) and so we decided mexican food was a must for re-fueling.

It's one of the hottest weeks of summer for us right now, and so we went for an awesome walk along the water to the Mexican restaurant. We are both eating pretty low carb, and so besides munching a few chips and salsa - we were pretty good and ordered jalapeno poppers and a taco salad to split.

Our latest episode should go live tomorrow and this week we are talking about Acts of Kindness! I say "should" because I'm traveling for work tomorrow and trying to load a long video on hotel wifi can sometimes be a little rough... If not, I'll be home on Thursday and get it up for you guys!

Also, don't feel too bad for me traveling overnight for work... I'm catching a Counting Crows concert at a beautiful winery with some friends while I'm down there!

Ps... our topic for next week is crazy. I've literally never seen Mary so uncomfortable with the idea of a topic and I've been asking her for a year. You guys are gonna lose your minds... stay tuned to find out tomorrow!

With Love,

The Steem Sisters

@coruscate and @maryjaney

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