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Hi Steem Fam!

We are excited to be getting back into the groove of things now that we are both back in town! Watch for the part two of our Travel Hacks episodes. Mary's dropping the wisdom in this series as she dishes her in depth knowledge of the hotel industry and how to get the best deals.

Check out part one 👆🏼

In the meantime, while ya'll are waiting for that video to drop... we'd love to get some more questions from you on this week's topic! We will be filming tonight, and so any questions that come in over the next 5 hours or so will have a shot at being selected. Just as a reminder, we'll send you 2 steem if we pick your question! That might not seem like much now...but I remember the days when that could buy you a nice lunch! #hodl

Currently accepting questions for "Meaningful Conversations"

In this digital age, the value of having deep, meaningful conversations with those around us has never been more important. The idea for this topic was sparked from two angles concerning my recent trip to Philly:

  • 1- My talk was titled "Talk Crypto To Me: The Impact of Everyday Conversations on Mass Adoption." This talk got a lot of positive feedback and had qute a few people saying it shifted their perspective on how to have these conversations.

  • 2- I had sooo many amazing conversations with great people while I was in Philly. I could have gone to bed early, or sat in my room working on my laptop because I was "getting behind", but I didn't. I went on very little sleep and fell terribly behind in work.... but it was totally worth it.

So send us your questions on Meaningful Conversations! Can't wait to hear from you.

With Love,

The Steem Sisters

@coruscate and @maryjaney

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Thanks for the question! 😊


Happy to help, dear! When will you two start streaming on @vimm? :3

What small habit change humans can do which will help the nature?

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