Friday Night LIVE Steem Sports Cast!

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It is Friday and we are back with another LIVE Steem Sports Cast! What a huge week this has been in the sports world. There are 4 MLB Playoff games going on today, some College Football Friday Night games in a bit and a huge weekend of football. Join @scottybuckets and national radio host @sportsfanjlogli as they dive into all of the hot topics of the day.
On this episode, the guys want to jump into the NCAA and their handling of players, coaches, recruits and the shady underworld. Louisville Men’s Basketball Coach, Rick Pitino, was fired this week for his alleged role in a bribery and recruiting scandal. Why did it take 10 days and will he ever be back in the sport?
A University of Central Florida football player was kicked off the team when he was ruled to be ineligible by the NCAA. What did he do to deserve this and was it justified? This story is outrageous!
The guys are both diehard Chicago Cubs fans. Their postseason is about to start soon against the Washington Nationals. How nervous are they both now on game day?
Just click the link below to listen to the LIVE Steem Sports Cast. Let the guys know what you think. Thank you for following @steemsports and you can follow the guys @scottybuckets and @sportsfanjlogli Cheers!

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First time listener to she show. I think I'll stick around :)