FLAMETHROWER TIME!! Finally Testing Out Mein Flammenwerfer ( ಠ‿ಠ)

4년 전

Maybe you remember when my flamethrower came in the mail. It's taken some time since then to scout a suitable location to try it out. A buddy and I identified a derelict industrial wasteland by the river with nothing that could catch on fire.

We still brought with us a fire extinguisher to meet at least the minimum responsibility threshold. Also in case cops stopped us, though we did nothing illegal. Flamethrowers are perfectly legal in my state, not even requiring a license of any kind.

We did attract a fascinated onlooker who just wanted to take some pictures with his phone, which enlightened me to how unusual this is to anybody else. To me it was like oh yeah, of course. Going out to werf some flammen, NBD. I lead a strange life I guess.

Stay Cozy!

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You should have made a movie scene out of this , I always used this in games but never saw it like this before :D

Dude last time I saw this on movies of WWII :D This is a weapon! Just imagine ISIS found this at US :D


This toy is much more practical than a knife in self-defence, hmmm.

It sounded like the scene from the movie "mad max" the fury road... You are the guy with the guitar throwing flames... Haha... The music is pretty same.... Nice fun

Holy Moly! How much flaming do you get out of one tank?


60 seconds, but it feels as if it goes by more quickly than that.


I've found you can have a lot of fun in 60 seconds or less in life :D.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Man that is awesome
Now you just need a zombie apocalypse and you're set

Some time ago, Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla made flamethrower sometime ago and people said he was preparing for a zombie attack, lol. Well flamethrower are also good for burning refuse

Haha woooo this looks like such a stress buster. You could throw things into air and burst them up in flames!

ITs a amazing video.when i am watching this video i feel so fun and comedy..thanks

Damn @alexbeyman, the cops ruined All the fun. I'd definitely have protested, using a flamethrower is one of my extreme fun goals. Am sure the onlooker had the exact same thoughts

Maybe you remember when my flamethrower came in the mail
I don't remember it alex, but this flamethrower throws fire like a dragon, its pretty amazing.

For what purpose did you need it alex?


Throwing flames.


Then I should call you alex the Dragon from now onwards.

interesting attractions bro @ alex. especially at night. need to be careful.
essentially what is modified here. if I know it's a fire extinguisher. why can fire power
Good vidio


No, the fire extinguisher was a separate item.


Ok..becareful bro

The weapon of fire is very good. I follow you all the time and you post well and I love you so much that you are a great person.

Oh man...that's a really cool gadget. I could burn my problems with that. Haha. Really cool video. Keep sharing man.

FLAMETHROWER TIME!! Finally Testing Out Mein Flammenwerfer ( ಠ‿ಠ) has been resteemed by the @resteemmuse!!!

So you do this when you are not in VR?? I just hope you are always in VR MODE. You could burn the whole world with that..haha

Woah! This is super awesome! I woul love to get my hands on that and give it a try :)

Pretty amazing video!!! ... after watching this video I think sometime you have used drone to take this video

You could survive in a purge, once i made a small tesla gun but the beam went everywhere and whit that same gun i made a plasma ball that i sold to my friend recently

Wow ... a great tool to play fun in the open field, and your security to try it is very steady, hehehehe

Indeed people who have many talents like you look like freaks. However, if other people understand the depth of your mind, they will think you are great. Yes, you are a wonderful person to me @alexbeyman. Keep always creative ...


What kind words. I hope you're doing well.

you are holding a weapon with you now be safe

Oh, man. That's so fucking awesome. You lucky slutterbutt, you.

it must be fun. Looks like flammenwerfer can be a weapon as well to defend yourself. Stay cautious @alexbeyman. I see the gas flowing out and scattered.

Looks like you two had a great time. man that thing can shoot a pretty good distance. You should get some night time shots, shooting at the ground and spelling names and things. Maybe charge people a ton of SBD's to have their name burned in the dirt on video with the flame thrower.

The look of pure unbridled joy on your face says it all.

One just can't not smile while werfing the flammen. Glorious!

Alex - How long you can fire by this unit? What are the purposes that you can use it... I think it's suited to your games than real life...



60 seconds. I have no legitimate use for it, it's just a lot of fun.

That's absolutely awesome Alex. You need to go into the stickman adventure and kill some of the barges with the flamethrower.

Haha you both enjoy that quite a lot it seems.. I guess this is one of them toys for grown ups that never grow up! That's awesome!

Haha wow, thanks for sharing! The range is pretty nice on that flammen werfer, kudos on doing the whole responsibility thing and finding such an empty place

I would like to have one would be a dream come true, I had one but only within a video game. You already have the extinguisher you only need the bronzer because the sun and the candle will be strong.

i think i should take it along with my friends
and once it will start throwing flames
i will take all the revenge by terrorising them
seems you have enjoyed this experience

Haha your glasses are awesome.

Your evil laugh was perfect and sincere.


“Not those fuckin’ propane torches Elon Musk is selling!” Bahahahahaha
I laughed so hard when the music kicked in. I want one.

it must be fun. Looks like flammenwerfer can be a weapon as well to defend yourself. Stay cautious @alexbeyman. I see the gas flowing out and scattered.

So... AWESOME! Although, not gonna lie, the further shots look like epic flaming pee stream... Definitely think you need to light something on fire other than the ground. Not promoting arson or anything but ante up!


Oh there will for sure be subsequent videos of various targets being toasted


Inspiration brought me a series titled “Will it Burn” styled after the infamous Will it Blend videos! I will let you fill in the details... (with stuff to burn!)

This was the best demonstration of flamen werfening I've ever seen. Thoroughly enjoyed watching this. How long does it take the tool to cool down before you can safely transport it again?

Looks like a huge amount of fun!


There's a generous disc shaped heatsink on the end that cools it down very quickly. Only the tip is really in danger of heating up anyway.


Just the tip.
Here in Australia the humble flamethrower is used as a cooling device!


Haha, you funny, I kill you last

That's a cool flame thrower. It must be very effective for fighting zombies. What else do you use it for?


Throwing flames.

It seems good to me that you have taken the extinguisher makes you notice a little responsibility, and I do not think that you lead a strange life just that you like to try new ideas or do things that many would not dare perhaps out of fear, and well if I mention, in my country they see you with a flamethrower and they think you're crazy because here you do not see that hehehe good I've never seen anything like it.

Wow, it's so cool upps not, so hot.Really awesome, now you can dominant anything. Great job sir, go and have some fun out there.

I love to play with fire. I think you always have a good post. You're taking steemit very well. I want you to improve steemit and we want to help you with you. Many great people are always helping you. @alexbeyman

thats amazing bideo,the music id pettry, i enjoing this funny bideo, zombie and the you set 😂

wow so good and awsome video 😍
and very funny moment😂
nice this post boss @alexbeyman

I love to play with fire. I think you always have a good post. You're taking steemit very well. I want you to improve steemit and we want to help you with you. Many great people are always helping you.

In Holland you would go to jail for that.. Never seen an modern one, what a tool....

wow, amazing, very amazing @alexbeyman, i love to see it

whoa thats such a great flame and fire firing tool. i wish i had one so i could burn the people i dislike. amazing tool this one is,

There's a lot of green space around you to use that flamewerfer on.

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I see someone is ready for zombie apocalypse :D

That is bad ass. I like when you hit the ground with it!

Is it normal gasoline or kerosite?

wow amazing