Its Milky Way season again here in Arizona and I have been out capturing the sky.

7개월 전


Here is a shot from a four hour photo session with the night sky last evening. I found a cool looking old tree that I just had to get in the shot. It was nice to hear the coyotes howl and the owls hoot as I waited for my time-lapse shots to finish. I was able to get a few hundred shots for different time-lapse views and short animated clips. I wanted to share this shot right away hot off the SD card from the camera. I will have some animated clips and more photos once I finish my edits and combine shots for the time-lapse. Its good to be back outside at night communing with the night sky and remembering how insignificant I am.

Canon EOS 6D
30 Second Exposure
ISO 3200
Edited in Ligtroom

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Welcome “Milky Way Season” back to Steemit! I’m happy to see your signature photos again…. Very magnificent!

The old tree looks cool in the dark. If I am there with this scenery, when the coyotes howl and the owls hoot, I may think, I'm in a haunt movie / terrible movie…. You were very brave to be there!

In the meantime, it would be really peaceful moment to be alone where there are only bright stars and dark sky with you!

Thanks for sharing. ;)


Thanks @tangmo I think you would enjoy learning about milky way photography and I would be happy to teach you. Its a small world, we may cross paths eventually


You're welcome!

Yeah! I learned a lot from you about the Milky Way which I have never seen by my own eyes. You took great photos of it, that’s why I always enjoyed seeing it via your photos. Thanks so much once again for sharing. ;)

Wow! That's just stunning! I have to admit I even get a bit emotional when I look at pictures like this. First of all thanks to their beauty. Second due to the wonder it instills. Thank you for sharing!


I still get excited every time I go out to photograph the milky way, it never gets old for me. Thank you for the very kind words and helping to support one of my passions.


Thanks, I was lucky to find that cool looking tree.

Oh yay, more milky way pictures! I always love these night-time pictures of yours :-)


Its so important for me to go and do this, all the effort and time it takes is good for my personal well being. I am happy that others enjoy my efforts as well