Multiple Milky Way Photos in Tucson Arizona

6개월 전


The desert is in bloom and Milky Way season is upon us, and as a bonus the temperatures are awesome for night photography. A car drove by during this shot and it actually turned out pretty cool because the headlights ended up light painting the cactus and flowers. I heard big packs of coyotes howling as they chased prey in the early morning hours. I am going to have to record audio next time and share it here so you can experience the night sounds. I always enjoy finding new shots at locations I have visited in the past.


This was a test shot from the top of the car to make sure my iso and exposure setting was decent for the shots. I thought it turned out kind of cool with the reflection of the stars and mountain on the paint of the roof of the car.



Finally here is a short clip from a time-lapse video I took

Hope you enjoy the shots

Canon EOS 6D
14 MM Rokinon
20-30 second exposures
Magic Lantern used for time-lapse and long exposures.

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WOW! Magnificent Milky Ways with wonderful scenery of the mountains. The flowers are very gorgeous. Great shot!

Regarding the second photo, at my first glance, I thought that the reflection of the stars and the mountain was on a lake and not on the top of the car…. Good capture!

Your time-lapse video is very amazing! I like it! Well done!;)


Thanks @tangmo I did not expect the shot on top of the car to turn out well, but I was lucky in this instance.


You're welcome! Yeah! You were very lucky and you did really great work as well. ;)

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Thank for the support @verifyme

On the time lapse, is that a plane or a shooting star?


Pretty sure it was a shooting star, but it could possibly be a satellite. I did not notice it until I edited the photos

Awesome shots! Really like all of them but especially the first two. Beautiful work! Makes me wanna get out and do more night photography!


I hope it can inspire you to get outside at night and take some shots, its a different world in the late night or early morning hours.

Nice collection. Looking awesome.