HD-189733b : Rain of Glass

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Raining on Earth is a gift of nature, but what? if it rain glass instead of water. It sounds quite mysterious, am I right? But friends, it's not a mystery or science fiction on the planet HD-189733b . Raining glass on that planet is as usual as water rains on Earth.


Let’s take a tour with @facttechz of some of the most unbelievable & terrifying destination in our galaxy .
Approximately 63 light-years away from the Solar System in the constellation of Vulpecula HD-189733b is an exosolar planet . It looks very familiar with Earth for its skies, a deep blue planet with deadly atmosphere, here winds blow upto 2 kilometres per second which is 7 time larger than the speed of sound, whipping all would-be travellers in a sickening spiral around the planet. This scorching alien world rains glass- sideways in its howling winds, getting caught in the rain on HD 189773b is more than an inconvenience; it's death by thousands cuts. Researchers said, the high temperature and availability of silicates in the atmosphere made it possible to rain glasses from the sky. The colour of the planet comes not from the reflection of ocean as the Earth, but from the blow-torched atmosphere containing high cloudes laced with silicate particles.

On 5th Oct. 2005, the planet was discovered orbiting the host star HD-189733A , when France-astronomers observed the planet transiting across the face of the star. Being the closest exosolar planet to Earth, is the 1st exosolar planet whose thermal map was constructed & it's also a subject for extensive atmospheric examination.

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Image sources : 1. itemhttps://goo.gl/sKCE1m 1. itemhttps://goo.gl/L77uih


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It is very different kind of information of other planet.
These are wonderful things, which i can't imagine that this type of things can happens at other planet.
Thanks for sharing.

It would be a very interesting place for holidays. Lol!

Thank you for this very nformative post. :)

Wow. Es impresionante todo eso.

Nice writing, very informative. Thx you @facttechz

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That's fun to learn.

We hear of planets where it is raining diamond as well. Do you know how many years it takes carbon to form diamond on Earth? I thing the years are speed up in Saturn and Uranus because of the intensive pressure of gravity.

Awesome post with nice content & related images.

Absolutely terrible planet

wow! interesting post. Looking forward to seeing more. Following you.

Very informative. :D
Great post.

Great article!

A great article, looking for more

hi @facttechz, it is very informative article...nice to read it

very interesting information
I follow you

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nice post !

Quite interesting! Is there any planet where it rains dollars?

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wow! this post looks so scientific to me. It contains very interesting information about nature.
Thanks for sharing

I tend to be a bit skeptical to such kinds of info, but that would be one hell of a planet to visit.

i love it

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