Greetings everybody I was just researching on the internet and I got inspired by many articles so I just want to share with you guys amazing signs which I like a lot and its conspiracy theories about it.

So here's they are

The crash in Roswell in July 1947 near Roswell in New Mexico there was one of the most famous and loud UFO crashes in our history all facts about the crash course were strictly classified by the military and apparently by kinda like men and black photos maybe they also exist however information tends to spread quickly we are still aware of this event the first traces of the crash 50 kilometres from Roswell found the usual American farmer who came to the edge of his ranch came across a huge scorch spot and a large number of mysterious debris and rather large fragments of an unknown device the puzzle that confused farmer immediately reported everything to the local sheriff and after a while the military cordoned off the whole area carefully collected and removed all the debris to the local military base then in 1978 the physicists and you apologist Stanton Friedman interviewed major Jesse Marcel who was involved in the investigation of the 1947 events Marcel was convinced that the military had hidden the alien spaceship his story was widely spread among the fans and the UFO researchers and was the subject of several documentaries devoted to this subject in 1980 the National Enquirer took their own interview with Marcel who claimed that among the debris were found the bodies of four short humanoid creatures and numerous specimens resembling writing this further spread the fame of the incident in Roswell and since then the city has become strongly associated with UFOs, by the way, have you ever been to Roswell.

Alien abductions a lot of people claim that they have been abducted by aliens some of them told that they were subjected to during abductions research the other ones but they were experimented on and implanted with some alien stuff some victims do not remember anything after the return simply do not have long periods in their memory the first reports that aliens come into contact with people and even kidnap them for some unknown purposes were not taken seriously but when the number of such reports exceeded a thousand and the testimony of people who did not know each other were in detail similar even the most convinced sceptics had doubts what if they all tell the truth and what do you think do you have neighbours that look like aliens.

Ancient artefacts this is a very interesting and capacious point in its essence but we will try to be a little bit shorter than the great book of gummi the art of ancient civilizations can be interpreted in many ways but there are cases when it is quite obvious to us that the ancient artists wanted to express especially when it comes to artefacts about visiting the earth by aliens for example the ancient culture of Nuku Hiva the largest island of French Polynesia left behind a rich collection of intriguing works of art depicting creatures with unusual heads and large eyes some sculptures are hybrid creatures giving a combination of human and alien traits in addition myths and legendary evidence from ancient texts around the world contain references to the existence of an extremely advanced alien civilization looks like they visited the earth in ancient times and in all probability helped the primitive people to build a very fun and playful monument preserved for thousands of years.

The appearance of a UFO evidence of unidentified flying objects, of course, is also in this entertaining list the first evidence of UFOs was recorded in 1947 when a pilot of the American Air Force almost in broad daylight discovered nine unknown flying objects randomly moving at incredible speed in Washington State near the Cascade Mountains soon many other witnesses began to report about UFOs later the pilot said that the UFO shape was similar to the Crescent and their movement was similar to the diving saucers in the water since then the term flying saucer is firmly entrenched in our everyday life.

Tunguska event of 1908 in 1908 a giant fireball flew over the vast territory of Central Siberia the flight was accompanied by sound and light effects and ended in a powerful explosion the Tunguska catastrophe belongs to one of the most mysterious phenomena of the 20th century at the time the name of it is rather a convention because perhaps, in fact, no meteorite fell many different hypotheses and the most intriguing of them is the catastrophe of an alien spacecraft the most interesting thing is that no crater was found after the impact that meteorite in the ground another oddity of that catastrophe was that near the alleged site of the meteorite fall the forest was tumbled over a large area but it remains standing at the very epicentre of the explosion.

Human face on Mars in Cydonia a region in the northern hemisphere of Mars there is the so-called face on Mars this weathered Hill is like a huge stone statue of a humanoid face its photos were taken in 1976 by the space vehicle Viking one directed to Mars as part of the NASA Grahame scientists also pointed to some pyramids located near the face these photos have led to a huge number of assumptions research fantastic scientific and not very scientific facts in 2001 the Mars Global Surveyor station took a more detailed photograph after which the most sceptical scientists hurried to consider but the face is most likely an illusion caused by the play of light and shadow and the pyramids are ordinary rocks, of course, there are those who disagree with them completely and we also do not like sceptics and we are absolutely not alone in this opinion.

Mysterious crop circles over the past 300 years farmers have periodically discovered not only burnt lawns but also with serious circles in their fields the first documented certificate is dated back to 16 78 according to that it was an engraving of circles on an oatmeal field with a red demon descended from the sky by the end of the 20th-century hundreds of such cases were widely described their origin remains a mystery up to our days the explanation that crop circles are the result of the presence of aliens is the most likely it is possible that the aliens must leave us some messages that we have not yet been able to decrypt by the way don't you have any friends among farmers with such circles in their fields.

Area 51 the United States Air Force facility is calmly known as area 51 is a highly classified remote detail of Edwards Air Force Base within the Nevada Test and Training Range there are strong assumptions of the military and scientists on this base and all study aliens and their aircraft including the remains of the UFO crash in Roswell as well as that area 51 is officially authorized landing base for spacecraft the very existence of this base the US government recognized with great reluctance and still they do not give any more comments on this matter do you think there are any aliens living in area 51 please leave your comments below

Killing the animals over the last century many animal corpses with unusual or rather unexplained injuries have been found at the same time cases of complete removal of blood individual or all organs and animals with excellent surgical accuracy were also noted it is possible that the animals are used by aliens for some research purposes or maybe it was them who opened a fast-food restaurant chain KFC and prefer to use all the upscale farm raw materials of the highest quality what do you think.

Alien technology modern science is not able to explain how and what technology was used in building the famous pyramids of Egypt thousands of years ago it is obvious that they were created and designed by representatives of civilizations much more developed than modern society there are suggestions that these were alien civilizations perhaps even those we call today in ancient Egypt gods this theory was so popular that even several films were made based on it all this once again confirms the presence of aliens in our planet let's hope and believe that they come to us with good intentions and eventually will teach us to overcome space and much other good stuff like that.

So that was it guys I hope you enjoyed

I was inspired by that article a lot so i was decided to write my own about it if you wanna read it you can. Click Here for article

if you have any question just comment below.

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