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Thank you.

I couldn't find the source of your images due to improper crediting. By providing a link, you are supposed to give credit to the original creator, whereas you simply link to a larger version of the image. This isn't crediting anybody.

Another point is that you should try to avoid saying CC0, when the licenses are not CC0. One image I c hecked was in fact CC2.5, for example.

This just helps the curation process. Cheers!


@mobbs noted and edited. Will improve on my next post. Thanks for the notification.

This is a nice post @h-max, keep doing what you are doing. I enjoyed it.

I always see drivers complain of crankshaft. Any idea what makes it to be the most problematic in cars? Thank you.


Yeah, good question @bitfairy.

Crankshaft failure is due to the fact that the oil pump supplying oil to the crankshaft is faulty.


I think the car owners must've ignored the oil alert or something that pops up on the dashboard.


Yeah, the check indicator will be on on the dashboard.


People often overlook it to their detriment.

You have done a great job sir breaking apart the crankshaft, but allow me make some contributions.

The crankshaft is the backbone of any internal combustion engine. it collects power from the piston through the connecting rod and distribute it to other parts. Its rigidity and stability is important and this is afforded by the bearings.

The lubrication of this bearings is important and this is done by channelling lubricaion oil via tiny holes in the crankshaft to these bearings. These holes are called the Oil gallery.

I hope you don't mind.
Best wishes!


Thanks for the comment. It's a plus for the readers.


You are welcome.

The crankshafts are wonderful and the main part of the engine responsible for converting translational motion to rotational motion..
Brilliant, i wrote about them few weeks ago but it wasn't as detailed as this. Well done


Thanks for the contribution sir.

Thanks again, after the great post about clutch systems.


Thanks bro.

Nice post h-max. I remember the first time I sighted a crankshaft, I was on industrial attachment. I actually asked why there is a need for several pistons. In my words, I said "can't there just be one big piston that powers the crankshaft instead of all four, six or more as the case may be" now I laugh at the stupidity of my question.

Crankshafts are ubiquitous in our everyday life, we owe them a lot. I like the fact that you highlighted its inspection and management, because many drivers and machine users don't usually pay attention to this. Nice work, keep improving.