SteemSTEM Needs a New Name!

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Well, well, well. Things are well and truly shaken up!

Hive is coming, and the community appears to be following. I speak for myself here - though I'm confident the SteemSTEM community is on the same page: This is nothing but a positive move, and we are thus 100% on board with migration to the Fork. More details to come.


Temporary logo & name compliments of @glass.wolf

SteemSTEM has been around for years, and though we are not often recognised for our work, we have been supporting authors for years for nothing (in fact, we've been paying off debts to @lemouth for as long as I can remember). This is fine. We love what we do, and we believe in it.

Those who know me may also be aware that I have some pretty ambitious goals to accomplish with SteemSTEM but they could never be realized without sufficient support, and on a chain that always felt... held back. Now that chain has sold its soul to an entity who fundamentally disagrees with what it stands for, the signals have become as clear as a supernova in the night sky that it's time to make a move away.

But this post isn't directly about that. This is not a farewell post. Before I do that, we have another concern:

What's in a name?

You may have noticed that our name has the word STEEM in it. That's kind of a problem. I've been bashing my brain around for a couple of weeks now trying to conjure up a name that we can use. Permanently.

It ain't an easy task.

I'm extremely grateful that @glass.wolf has offered his fantastic artistic skills to clean up and evolve our image for the migration to a quality never seen before, but we can't even begin with that until we have a name!

So, to me, it makes absolute sense to put this to the community. We are a community project of decentralised nature... it just fits.

Therefore, if there are any creative, literary minds out there, I am reaching out for ideas to get that *hivemind * working to become greater than the sum of its parts. Your idea may or may not be chosen, but at the very least, ANY suggestions will unlock new doors and directions to explore. So literally anything will be appreciated, even if it's some troll name by @trumpman.

Now, there are some restrictions, naturally. I'm pretty good at figuring out what we DON'T want, at least:

  • We should no longer contain the name of the blockchain in the brand. Nor should there be anything that directly refers to how things function. We don't say 'FastFoodMcDonalds' or 'EngineBMW' for good reason. Sorry, 'HiveStem' ain't gonna cut it.
  • the word STEM COULD be used, though I personally feel we have always curated more broadly than topics usually associated with pure STEM (economics, history, archaeology, etc).
  • The name should be around 2-3 syllables. 4 at MAX if it's worth it.
  • The name should be a word or words related to what we are and do, but not so obvious that the name is already taken with a quick Google search.

Some words that are related but too obvious: Knowledge, Wisdom, Science, Insight, and so on

  • The name should generally melt off the tongue. Generally, this means not having two of the same, or similar, consonants such as the 'ST' in STeemSTem. Calvin Klein always sounded wrong to me, too. The same goes for vowel sounds.

I'd say I'll give a full upvote to any name I choose, but I feel that's somewhat pointless now. Perhaps you can get some hive-based reward in the coming days =)

So come on, show me what all those brilliant minds are made of.

What should SteemSTEM be called?

For now, you can find us on Hive under the placeholder name 'HiveStem'. Keep an eye out!

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What about Alvus Animus, I am not great at latin but a quick google translate shows the following:

  • Alvus - can broadly be translated to Hive (hint, don't let the word bowel fool you 😅)
  • Animus - Latin for Mind is Animo, I felt that didn't roll that good, and took the liberty to change it to animus.

So ultimately it would be Hive Mind, Hive is pretty self-explanatory and Mind because we are the people of the mind, we think for the sake of thinking and the fundamental truth of our nature.

So yeah, my suggestion is: Alvus Animus.


This kind of thinking is exactly the route I've been taking, from Latin variants to Greek/Roman Gods (celestial bodies). The Latin makes total sense in the context of, say, Taxonomy and History.

Glad to see you're thinking in the same way. That being said, I'd rather focus on the 'mind' part than the 'hive' part, since we want to break away from directly associating with the chain itself. Yours is clever to avoid the 'directness' though, I'll give you that! I might indeed consider the 'Animus' part as a new open-door =)


Wow! This is the kind of reasoning I like a lot. But this makes it a bit hard to guess from the name, for anyone outside our ecosystem.


Also I just realised that Animus has its own meaning:

a usually prejudiced and often spiteful or malevolent ill will


Here's one:



Already off to a great start! Interestingly, redirects elsewhere, too

· is still available.


Added to the list!

(Alongside my other crappy names like Stem Insight - taken by Texas)


I like this one as well!


You were quicker than expected! (I'm sure you hear that a lot, though)


Faster than a bullet


I was not expecting less from you :D

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@mobbs : MetsHive

M : Mathematics
E : Engineering
T : Technology
S : science

Mets Hive

Dynamo - Generate power.
Sasana - I believe it translates into “teaching” or “practice”.
Slingshot - I was thinking of the term when used in conjunction with satellites or acceleration, not the thing my father used to shoot pheasants with. :)


3 in 1, I feel rich =D

Your trail of thought is precisely in the right direction, adding to the list!


Awesome! Good luck. Can't wait to see Steem Stem reborn!

In physics or mechanics when something is moving, or when a project is starting: "set the project in motion" or "set in motion". Maybe:

SetInMotion, STEMinmotion


Thanks for all the suggestions. I would prefer something like the second one with STEM inside the name.


The enzyme than untangles the DNA allowng it to replicate and allows cell replication...this is what keeps the human body going!

I saw someone mention Animus (mind).

Maybe Animus Helicase, untangling of the mind...


Whereas the name sounds really great (pronunciation, etc.), I would personally go for something more general across all STEM fields.

But of course, this is my subjective opinion. Thanks anyways for the proposal :)


Hmm I'll see if something more comes to mind.

Blocktrade adarangba Abraham please, like, comments


I like this one @mobbs


This has just made me question what I even posted


As it should. You have been scienced.

A full name is going to be a hard choice, but a set of acronyms that kind of make a word.

That may be one way to take the name search, like how STEM was meant.


This is a good point. Maybe...

Culture on Voracious intelligence Dapp - or CoViD

Seriously though, this is a new direction I hadn't considered. COTAS covers the pronunciation requirements for sure!

Time to do some thinking..


Please do so!

How about:

  • STEMWorld
  • WorldofSTEM
  • STEMLab
  • STEMiverse
  • iSTEM
  • STEMOverload
  • STEMTime
  • STEMDeep
    ... oh, oh ... one more...
  • STEMSocial or

Nice list! It is copied on my pad. Thanks for contributing. :)

Sorry, 'HiveStem' ain't gonna cut it.

And there I was, ready to comment on how awesome the new logo looks.


Don't worry, I'm pretty confident glass.wolf can pull this kinda stuff out his arse at any given time


That is a temporary one. just to get something for the transition period :)

decentraSTEM or STEMit


Stemit!! I absolutely veto this haha. If we're going that route I'd go the whole way and just call it

· omg 🤣


"omg" is the word :D


I find your centralization of authority on this governance issue to be somewhat concerning.


Guess I'll just fork you from this conversation then. No dissidents in my comments permitted

STEMminds o STEMinds


The minds is too similar to the actual social media (as said in discord), but whats the H fo.... oh right, 'hive'. I'm slow

Hm. Naming things can be difficult. I'll keep it in mind, but for now this is all I have :)


All things STEM, ...kind of a far reach, but also a play on Omniscient.


This one is cool too!

Hi @mobbs :)

I like @enforcer48's , @eei's and @distantsignals' suggestions. NOT @trumpman's !!

I have edited this. I reread my comment and it felt a bit unclear/unstructured :P

So, here I go again ....

Vidya or vidyā (Sanskrit: विद्या) primarily means science, learning, philosophy, knowledge, and scholarship, any knowledge whether true or false. Its root is vid (Sanskrit: विद्), which means "to reason upon", knower, finding, knowing, acquiring or understanding.

As for my own suggestion, I say a name with vidya within it.

  • STEMVidya ?
  • VidyaSTEM ?

I think the first one sounds better :)


I've been thinking along these exact lines, going through the latin/greek approach or similar. There's a bunch I like such as 'Egeria' and 'Metis' but I feel those two don't necessarily sound like anything to anyone. So if I use another language it should be commonly known, right?

I do agree with te first one sounding better, and will put on the list (going to do a poll of listed ideas, see if I get can a decent response)!

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Actually one I considered was CHAIN in a similar way, but we might not, for eternity, be completely connected to blockchain (or it may not be the primary feature) so it's not great to associate with it


I get your point..



This picks up the ideas I had too! I need to make sure it covers all of human knowledge, rather than 'nature' as in biology. Nature does kinda work for that so its considered for sure


more brainstorming:
HoneyEd (ambiguous whether pronounced "huh-need" or "hun-nee-ed")
EYM - expand your mind, "aim"


This is a useful post - the idea of ambiguity and double meaning / re-spelling could be the way forward...

My suggestion for @steemstem rebranding are as follows:

  • STEMiverse
  • RepoCurate
  • KnowBank

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Hm using the word Curate, or similar... Our job is to support those who do the STEM content so this makes sense. Like we're some kind of Library or whatever... good contribution!

Wow, I'm hearing about this news and the name change. What about my steemit account? Should I open a new hive account to continue publishing?


Nope, because it's a Fork, your account will be exactly the same - I already locked in with some early access. It's just the same as Steem but with a new logo and some small background changes to prevent abuse.

Likewise, your wallet will be the same with equal amounts of tokens in all 3 forms!

You can also continue to publish on Steem as normal, but we expect the price to plummet to 0, since all major projects and whales are leaving to Hive, and the market exchanges are all approving Hive =)

I favor @acont s suggestion: sySTEM

for obvious reasons: Systemics is something other than analytics, it considers systemic thinking and viewing the world as interactive systems which are self-organizing and dynamic.

I strongly vote for it :)


Try finding a domain for system though... this, and its pricing is a major factor, too unfortunately =/


"Stemics" is still available ... but not so nice for a name.

  ·  2년 전



Heh, Hive. I get it =P

Our logo is a rocket. I would be fascinated to see how a bee and a rocket could blend!


hahaha fantastic =D

  ·  2년 전



BrainSTEM is pretty wit(stem)ty =D

  ·  2년 전

HIVstEm or hivSTeM could work!

It includes both HIVE and STEM in it!


How about NOTSteemSTEM??

I don't want HIV in my project. Not sure why (Also, Hives is a red rash too lol)

  ·  2년 전

You sure you don't want HIV in it? That sure ruins basically all my ideas..

How about something like AIstemDS?
It has AI, as AI is really popular with scientific communities, and everyone loves Nintendo DS.


Changing the project accordingly now, thanks =)

I'm surprised you didn't suggest ApsuSTEM