The Human Brain Can Create Structures in Up to 11 Dimensions

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New research results have shown that the human brain is much more complex than one had ever imagined. The exact way in which the brain enables us to think and develop consciousness has long been one of the most fundamental unsolved mysteries of science.

We can say that the brain is the most complex object in the universe that we know. It is estimated to possess up to 86 billion neurons and all of which are interconnected to form the vast neural network that enables us to think in the first place.

Now neuroscientists from the Blue Brain Project in Switzerland claim to have discovered that the structure of the human brain is indeed so complex that it cannot even be limited to three dimensions.

"We've found a world we never imagined. There are tens of millions of these objects in a small spot of the brain even with up to seven dimensions. In some neural networks we have even discovered structures with up to 11 dimensions,"

said neuroscientist and study leader Henry Markram.

To perform their mathematical tests, the team of scientists used a detailed model of the neocortex. The neocortex is the part of our brain that developed most recently and the part that is involved in some of our higher-level functions such as cognition and sensory perception.

Diagram representing groups of neurons and connections between them that, topologically speaking, make up multi-dimensional ‘cliques’. source

As Science Alert writes, algebraic topology provided scientists with the mathematical tools to recognize details in the neural network. This is true both in close-up view, at the level of individual neurons, as well as in a larger scale with the brain structure as a whole.

By combining these two planes, the researchers were able to identify high-dimensional geometric structures in the brain formed by accumulations of closely interconnected neurons, whch are groups, and the empty spaces, which are cavities, between them.

After developing their mathematical frameworks and testing some virtual stimuli, the researchers were able to confirm their results even in real brain tissue from rats.

However, how these 11-dimensional structures work in detail to generate consciousness remains unclear. It is even conceivable that the three-dimensional limitations of our own consciousness may prevent us from ever finding the answer.

Despite the many research successes we have had in recent years, we seem to be repeatedly shown that we are still quite at the beginning of understanding the human brain and that we have only scratched the surface.


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I always thought the brain was the most difficult organ to study in Medschool (Neuroanatomy anyone?).
I can imagine some years down the line that yes, we would have a proper model of the brain. With the advancement of AI, and quantum computers, we may be grasping the beginning for its research.

What an amazing state! Brain shows that we are more thn what we are! Resteemed to be shared . Thank you @oendertuerk for your useful content.

thank you for a great, informative post

Our three dimensional consciousness is definitely a limitation. I was even surprised they found out about this...

Great research, I'm going to read up any article I find on this topic. Thanks

su contenido util mi amigo

I wonder how E8 or 8th dimensional projected reality comes into play with this? How entanglement reacts with this?

very educational.. I never imagined that there can be 11 dimensions..

Dear @oendertuerk

Definitely the study about the human brain and its 11 dimensions (or more, that exist) will take infinite amount of time, as much or more than the study of the universe itself.

Very interesting and amazing article.


This article struck me as I just read another amazing news post a few days ago called:

" Baby born without a brain learns to count and surf
Aussie doctors are helping a boy born with two per cent of his brain. His parents were told five times to abort him, but his brain’s grown to 80 per cent.

.....six years on, their son Noah has defied the odds — by “growing” a brain. "

YOU can read the article here:

It is simply amazing how the human body adapts and we seem to manage a lot more than we anticipate or imagine we can do. I truly believe in MIND over MATTER.

You are the sort of person who either gives up before you try and come up with a million excuses as to why it won't work OR you self believe and try to your best ability to do it. Optimism is an amazing gift to learn too!




it is no longer a secret that thoughts can influence your body. just that negative thoughts can cause illnesses shows that the mind is above matter.

The human brain is quite remarkable. Thanks for sharing this outline. Happy Friday.

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This is an amazing post! Thank you for the information.
Gonna do my further research ;)