THE BLACK CANARY SCREAMS: Does It Really Exists, Even It Does Where Can We Find It In Real Life?

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Hello and good day dear community members;
I am here again today on my blog with a very interesting topic.

Let's go to the DC Comics world. Arrow Season 6 Episode 21, around the ending part of the episode comes Laurel Lance blowing away the Villian Ricardo Diaz with her super power which is the Black Canary's Scream. The scream that contains a high pitched sound called the ultrasonic sound. You look around you find materials destroyed. Is it really possible to have such a weapon in possession even though not in screams?. We're here to find that out. Just sit tight as we go on.

Some weeks back I read @mrbreeziewrites’s post on the Graphene and I immediately fell in love with the orientation of his article. I love how he adopted a movie and brought it to real life and I told myself, why not do something related to this?

On Sunday 23rd of June, 2018, I was supposed to read for a test and probably prepare for my forthcoming examination but I decided to find a topic to write on and I remembered my comment on one of @mrbreeziewrites post I read on some microchips and how I related it to the Arrow Series I was watching. Luckily for me I decided to watch an episode from the Arrow series and I got my topic.

To the DC Comics fans, have you ever wondered if the screams of the Black Canary existed and if it really does exist, does that mean there’s a human out there that can produce that sound? I guess not. Today I’m going to be talking about the kind of sound that the DC Comics’ act, The Black Canary produces and how it exists in the real world.

THE BLACK CANARY SCREAMS: Does It Really Exists, Even It Does Where Can We Find It In Real Life?

BLACK CANARY AND GREEN ARROW from Wikimedia under CC2.0 License

The Black Canary, a female act from the DC Comics is a very skilful lady associated with Green Arrow (a popular archer in the DC comics). She’s very talented with a lot of martial art skills which she might have learnt from Oliver Queen amongst other masters. She’s also well-known for her ability to produce the sonic sound as a weapon against her enemies. The black canary screams comes along with an ultrasonic sound that is incompatible to the human hears and can destroy the ears and some other important organs in the human body alongside some materials around.

Now to the question of the day, does it exists in real life? My answer is yes. Yes, such sound exists, fortunately and unfortunately it can be used to produce some devices (at low frequency) that may be of great use to humanity and it can also be used to produce harmful weapons (at high frequency) just like the black canary’s scream.


ULTRASOUND RANGE from Wikimedia under CC3.0 License

When you first hear of the word Ultrasonic sound, what comes to most minds is the ultrasonic method used in medical diagnosis amongst other beneficial uses but do not be surprise if you eventually find out it can be used as a weapon too.

Normally the human ear can be compatible with sounds within the frequency 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz, any sound below the frequency of 20 Hz is called the infrasonic sound and can’t be audible to the human ear. Sounds above the frequency of 20,000 Hz will be incompatible to the human ear and it’s called the ultrasonic sound.

The sound range for different animals are of different frequencies. For instance the frequency range for dogs and cats is within the range of 40 Hz and 100,000 Hz, that of an elephant is within the range of 16 Hz and 12,000 Hz. High pitched sounds are audible to bats because their sound frequency range is within 1000 Hz and 110,000 Hz and they use it as an advantage to communicate and navigate at night.


FETAL ULTRASOUND from Wikimedia under CC4.0 License

In Medical Diagnosis: Due to the fact that X-Rays can be harmful to the foetus, medically for pre-natal examinations the ultrasound method of scanning is advised because it is less harmful. The working principle is very simple, ultrasonic sound is sent into the body with a transmitter and sound reflected back to the surface of the body are collected with a receiver. Since the time interval for the ultrasonic sound to move in and out the body can be determined, therefore the depth of the foetus can be determined and be used to generate the image of the foetus.

In Ultrasonic Cleaning: Ultrasonic sound within the range of 20,000 Hz and 40,000 Hz are used to clean some materials like jewelleries, lens and other optical instruments, surgical equipments and some dental materials. All the ultrasonic sound has to do is get to specs on those materials and send them away whenever the ultrasonic souund is being sent to the surface of those materials.

In Ultrasonic Welding: Ultrasound between the frequency 15,000 Hz and 40,000 Hz can be used as ultrasonic means of welding. Welding is done by the means of heat created by friction generated by the vibration caused by the ultrasound and the surface of the materials to be joined.

In Quality Control: Ultrasonic sounds are used to detect the strength and quality of concrete slabs. The speed of the sound sent to the slabs can be used to detect cracks and other flaws in the concrete slab when its strength is compared to the speed of the standard strength.

Another use of the ultrasonic is the sonic weapons which is the focal point of our discussion today.



Yes, the black canary scream is a form of ultrasonic weapon and they exist in the real life.

The Ultrasonic weapons are weapons that make use of high pitched sound to injure or kill an opposition party by concentrating the sound into a beam and sending it to the opposite side or sending the high pitched to a field containing the opposition party.

Have you ever watched a movie where they had to depict the effects of the sound from a bomb blast?, the pitch of the sound is always high and will surely have effect on the victims. That’s just a sample of what we are dealing with here. I used the movie as an example because I don’t want to believe anyone reading this has ever experienced a bomb blast at close range. Now imagine concentrating that kind of high pitched sound into a weapon that will be used for mass destruction.

The sonic weapon, though not yet in common use is the use of an extremely high-powered sound wave in weapons which most likely might disrupt or destroy the eardrums of the victims involved in ultrasonic attacks. It might also be of less powerful sound which will most likely cause nausea or discomfort. Very high intensity ultrasound within the frequency range of 700 KHz and 3.6 MHz can cause intestinal damages.


US EMBASSY IN CUBA from Wikimedia Commons

Ultrasound has existed for long and has been researched by some scientists who later see it as a means of creating weapon for military purposes. The sonic weapons are often referred to as sonic bullets, sonic guns and some other names.

In Cuba, around 2016 and 2017, a suspected Ultrasonic attack took place. It was targeted to the US embassy in the country. Most people claim it to be the sonic weapon’s attack why some people were not able to explain the attack. The effects of the attack left the victims with various kinds of health problems including hearing problems.

The ultrasonic attack was possibly believed by the US government to be targeted to some US employees by the Cuban government and sometimes later, an employee complained of discomfort through the period of late 2017 to around April, 2018 and was called back by the US for medical check-up. The employee was later diagnosed to have suffered from Mild Trauma Brain Injury (MTBI) which is believed to be the effect of the ultrasonic sound on the victim.

The ultrasonic weapon was initially designed in Cuba to repel pirates and can also be used to keep out teenagers from adult related congregations. Due to the fact that the young teenagers still have a wide range of the sound frequency unlike the adults, therefore the sounds of frequency that is audible to the teenagers and not to the adults will be sent out to keep out the teenagers from the congregation.


THE HUMAN EAR from under CC0 License

I’m going to be pointing out two negative effects which are the pivots for the manufacture of the ultrasonic weapon.

The Heating Effect: This is that effect the ultrasound will have on the victim’s body that will make the victim feel like something is boiling in his/her body. For instance, when the ear is exposed to loud noise we sometimes complain of heat in the ears and that’s just a little compared to what Ultrasound can do.

The Cavitation Effect: This is that effect in which the victim of an ultrasound exposure will feel in such a way that he/she will have such feeling a diver that is about to get passage out of the sea will have. Bubbles will be formed in the body of the victim. An example of this is when bubbles find its way to the fluid in the human’s ear.


The black canary which is an act in the popular DC Comics series has a unique ability of using ultrasonic sound as a weapon. Now coming to the real world where this same ultrasonic sound exists in the military world but is not in common use yet, the sonic weapons are known to be very dangerous because of the effects they might have on the human body.

The Ultrasound is any sound of frequency higher than the 20,000 Hz sound frequency which is the highest frequency that can be audible to the human ear. This sound is very dangerous to the human ear whenever it’s been exposed to. Weapons are made with ultrasound to cause damage to the opponent and are made to be of different frequencies befitting the aim of the attack.

The sonic weapon is not in common use but a suspected case happened in Cuba around 2016/2017 where US employees heard some sound which they suspect to be the Ultrasonic sound and it had effect on the health of the victims.

I hope I was able to educate the community on the uncommon sonic weapons and how they can be so dangerous.


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Nice work bro. Glad I could catalyze something this beautiful...Well done!

and congrats....


Thanks bro. Wouldn't have brought this up if I never read your posts. Thanks a lot.

I'm not exactly a fan of DC, but I'm certainly interested in anything that has to do with Ultrasound. I think I remember recently reading a news about the American government warning their citizens or officials in China (if I'm not mistaken) about possible sonic attacks, and what they should do in such cases. In the world we find ourselves today, almost everything can be used as a weapon. Good job.


Thanks for reading through my article. Yeah, they should be warned about the sonic weapons because it's very dangerous. It most likely won't kill but destroy some organs in the human body.

Interesting topic, it seems everything has 2 sides to it these days, good and bad


Thanks for stopping by, bruv.

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Hmm, the black canary, though I have to admit I began disliking the series Arrow. This is a very good article on the application and the effect of ultrasound.

Do you know they're also used in sound tracks of horror movies to make you actually feel uncomfortable? Though I can't remember if it is Ultrasound of Infrasound.


Thank you for stopping by. I love everything about horror.

Very thorough post. Definitely deserves an upvote and follow. 👍


Thanks for the kind words.

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this. It's amazing what sound can do for us. Great work, brother


Thanks for going through my post.
Yeah, there are great things the sound for us and also they can be unfriendly sometimes unfortunately.

Good job, bro.

That's a nice write up...

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