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It’s a pleasure to be with you today after a long time off, I hope y’all are enjoying your day.

Today we’re going to be discussing about the existence of ghosts and what science has to say on it. If I’m to conduct a small censor on people that believe ghosts really exist, I’ll be having a good number of people that believe ghosts are real.

When I decided to write a post on the existence of real ghosts, I decided to ask some certain people of their take of the existence of real ghost, I asked my roommate and he doesn’t believe the existence of real ghost. I decided to ask a girl in my hostel and she said she didn’t believe ghosts existed until she experienced a scenario she described as ghost haunt. She claimed an old woman died in her neighbourhood and her ghost haunted the whole neighbourhood, knocking doors at midnight until it was been sent off back to where it was supposed to be by some masquerades. “Wow, what a story”, I said to myself.

An estimate of 38% of the population of the whole world believe the existence of real ghosts but still some people are indifferent on the belief that real ghosts exist. You guys should sit tight has I take you through my interesting article on the existence of ghosts.


A GHOST IMPRESSION from maxpixel.net under CC0 License

Ghosts are believed to be souls of the deceased that somehow missed their way to the other side. They are believed to be souls of some people that were murdered unjustly and came back to life to finish an unfinished job of avenging their own death.

Ghosts, as claimed by those who sighted one or two, come in human form and that keeps me wondering how will a deceased soul come in form of human?

Ghosts and demons are sometimes misjudged for each other but the difference remains demons are some kind of creation which in most cases are not seen by human while ghosts are believed to be souls of the deceased that came back to haunt the world of the living.

Some sets of people claim to be ghost hunters and claim they use science mediums to prove the existence of ghosts. But most of them are known to be frauds. This particular job brought fame to Eleanor Sidgwick who was an original female ghostbuster.


Some people will relate Albert Einstein’s First Law of Thermodynamics which states that “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can be transferred from one form to another” to the existence of ghosts. They will tell you after a living body gets deceased the energy won’t be destroyed completely but will be transformed into a ghost. But come to think of it is the soul a form or energy?

Well, my own opinion after so much of reading and some other experiences I had is that ghosts don’t exist in the real world.


Because, number one, I haven’t seen one neither have I had a face to face conversation with someone who has.

Number two, you can’t tell me some dead soul will eventually take a human form and wander around.


POSSIBLE PRESENCE OF GHOSTS from maxpixel.net under CC0 License

Yes some people might have claimed to have experienced the presence of a ghost and I’m not saying they are lying but I have some listed explanations to those claims. All explanations to the existence of ghosts lie around psychology.
Below are some explanations to the claims of the existence of ghosts;

  • I heard it somewhere
  • Electromagnetic Field Presence
  • Infra-Sound
  • Effects of Toxic Poisoning


HEARSAY from creative-commons-images.com under CC BY-SA 3.0 License

This explains most claims of the existence of ghosts. Once you hear something from someone or from somewhere it gets registered to your psychology. We’ve seen a lot of movies that support the existence of ghosts or somehow portray the existence of real ghosts and we are made to believe they are real, even though some of us don’t buy the idea.

Come to think of it, if I tell you a room is haunted with ghosts, the probability of you experiencing some paranormal activities in the room is high because you already programmed your mindset that there’s a ghost in the room and that’s one main reason why people might experience the presence of ghosts.

A study was done by some set of psychologists on the reality of the existence of ghosts. A set of 22 people were divided into two groups of eleven individuals each before they had to answer some questionnaires relating to a theatre. The first of eleven people were made to believe the theatre is haunted by some ghosts while the other set of eleven people were made to believe the theatre is under renovation. Expectedly, after the survey by the two groups, the ones that were made to believe the theatre was haunted recorded that they experienced some paranormal activities which they related to be the presence of ghosts in the theatre when the answered the questionnaires.


ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES from Wikimedia under CC BY-SA 4.0 License

Electromagnet field can be described as an area under the influence of electromagnetic force. It has been discovered that the presence in an electromagnetic field can cause some forms of discomfort, or feeling of some paranormal activities in human beings that can easily be misjudged as the presence of ghosts. Varying electromagnetic field is being sent to the temporal lobes of the human brain and that causes a sensational paranormal experience that could be described as a haunting activity such as touch or the feeling that a ghost is around somewhere in the room.

A Canadian neuroscientist Michael Persinger studied the effect of electromagnetic on human’s perception on the existence of ghosts. He worked on investigating the popular Hampton Court story. It is believed that the Hampton Court is being haunted by the ghost of the Queen Catherine Howard that was assassinated for cheating. People complain of seeing her ghost and that of her maid who also died. But after some investigations, it was discovered that there is presence of some electromagnetic field around the court.


INFRASOUND RANGE from Wikimedia under CC BY-SA 3.0 License

If you read my last post on ultrasonic weapons, you’d have an idea of what infra-sound is. Infra-sound is that sound lower than the sound frequency of 20Hz which is lowest sound frequency limit a human ear can listen to. The infra-sound which is a low frequency vibration can cause discomfort in human such as disorientation, panic feeling, change in heart rate, rising of blood pressure and some other discomforts you can think of.

An experiment was conducted to see the effects of infrasound on human. A music was recorded with some infrasound effects on the audio and people were made to listen. It was discovered that the people that listened to the music felt some paranormal activities going around.

An Engineer, Vic Tandy narrated in a 1998 paper on a report of the experience he had on haunting. Vic Tandy worked for a medical lab where he got to produce medical equipments, he explained that he experienced some certain discomforts while he worked at the lab which he described as a feeling of the presence of ghosts. He later discovered that all he was feeling was a result of an inaudible 19Hz infrasound coming from a fan and he was rest assured that there was nothing like ghost in the lab.


TOXIC MOULDS IN A HOUSE from Wikipedia under CC BY-SA 3.0 License

The effect of toxic poisoning results to hallucination which of course makes the victim see things that are not actually there. When a human is being exposed to toxic substances such as carbonmonoxide, formaldehyde, pesticide they tend to experience some forms of hallucination, same as the toxic mould which causes fungal hallucination and can be looking so like the activities of ghosts haunting.

It is discovered that the toxic moulds are present in old buildings that have poor ventilation and bad air and that explains the reason why ghost hauntings occur mostly in old buildings.


At least 38% of the world’s population believe in the existence of ghosts but science has proven that ghosts don’t really exist. The only place you can find ghosts is in your psychology as a result of the mindset you must have had on the existence of ghosts.

One might also experience the presence of a ghost due to the effect of electromagnetic field on the temporal lobe of the brain which causes discomfort which may be misinterpreted as a haunting activity.

Another explanation to the feeling of ghost’s presence is the infrasound which is a low frequency vibration below 20Hz frequency which cannot be heard by human but can be felt in form of discomfort in human.

Then, lastly is the effect of toxic poisoning which causes the affected victim to be hallucinating and as a result see things that are not really around. That also explains the reason why ghosts are mostly claimed to be haunting old houses and this is because old houses with weak ventilation possess the presence of toxic moulds that can cause an affected victim to hallucinate.

I hope you guys really enjoyed this article, and in one way or the other have a good perception on the existence of real ghosts. Thanks for the time you spared in reading article. See you after my Exams and make sure you wish me good luck in my exams.


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Very good expository on ghosts, coming from a "rare"ghost. As a stern lover of psychology, I also believe ghosts do not exist. The response of an over sensitive brain to its environment, connected with the knowledge that there could be something supernatural causes people to decide what is not.

If you believe you're being haunted, it's either someone is messing with your mind, or you just need to smile, stare in that open dark space and say, "shut up. You don't scare me". I used this technique quite often as a little boy.

All the same, lovely write up! 💪


Lol, the scared kid. Nice technique though. Thanks for going through my post.

Nice one.... though if you still tell some of my Nigerian brothers that there is no such thing as a ghost, they'd just look at you and say a prayer for you


That's just the problem, they won't listen. They keep getting scared unnecessarily.
Thanks for reading my post.

A ghost-busting article from rareghost. Sweet :)

I did an article on infrasound on June 1st, 2018. I used the same example of the Vic Tandy that you mentioned. It is interesting to see the "supernatural" all have a natural explanation.


I went through your article and trust me it's one of the best ones. It's quite amazing to discover the powers of the infrasound.

Thank you for reading through.

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No wonder those "ghosts" lok left and right before crossing the road in our movies.

In conclusion: @rareghost, you do not exist?