SteemSTEM Distilled #28

3년 전

Welcome to the 28th issue of SteemSTEM Distilled, a curation effort by the members of the @steemstem team.

SteemSTEM is a community driven project which seeks to promote well-written and informative Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics posts on Steemit. The project involves curating STEM-related posts through upvoting, resteeming, offering constructive feedback, supporting scientific contests, and other related activities.

For more details, a recent update on the steemSTEM can be found here, and a not so recent one there. Moreover, if you ask yourself about what it means to be part of steemSTEM, please check here.

Our team scours the platform for original and quality content.

After working through thousands (literally!) of STEM-related posts and upvoting more than 150 that we deemed to be worthy, we proudly present you our top 8 handpicked choices for this Thursday-Sunday period.


All About Muscles - Part 1: Types

Muscles are a type of soft tissue found in most animals.In this post @tfcoates gives us a basic understanding of muscles covering types, how they work and how they work.

Peak Performance – Go with the Flow

In this post @egotheist introduces to the secrets of unlocking the “flow state”, staying focused and pushing our performance beyond what we would think is possible.


Understanding Psychotherapy: A Brief Introduction

In an great introduction @dysfunctional provides us with a great read, giving us better understanding of the diferences between a psychologist from psychiatrist and psychotherapist and indepth look into psychotherapy.

When carrots used to be purple

Did you know that up a few centuries ago carrots were not orange at all? That most people had a totally different picture about how they looked, then we do today? Read this post by @megasuperextra to learn more!


Endangered Species #11 The Amur Tiger

The Siberian tiger (Panthera tigris tigris), also known as Amur tiger, is an endagered species mainly found in the Sikhote Alin mountain region that once ranged throughout Korea, north-eastern China, Russian Far East, and eastern Mongolia. Read @amavi's latest post to learn more about this amazing creature.

The Race in Quantum Computing

Quantum computing, sounds fancy right? We've all heard the term, perhaps some of us know it will replace 1's and 0's with an infinite spectrum of possibilities inbetween the two. However there is so much more to it then that! Check out this great post by @bitfairy if you would like to learn some more about quantum computing.


Crocodiles, the ultimate, primordial predators!

How much do you really know about crocodiles? If you are anything like us the answer is... not very much! Check out this great post by @smurfette and you will find a whole lot of facts and information about these ancient predators.

The World's First Heart Transplant, Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town

@highonthehog tells us the story of one of the most important medical breakthroughs, the world's first heart transplant, performed by Dr Chris Barnard on 3 December 1967 at Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town.

A few words about the nomination process

For the sake of transparency we feel we need to clarify how our nomination process works; each issue is compiled by certain members of the SteemSTEM community. This week's editorial team was comprised of @zest, @justtryme90 and @trumpman.

The editorial team chooses their favorite posts for the week and each issue is the result of their joined effort. In order to keep the process fair, posts written by the editorial team are excluded from the nomination process.

Don't be discouraged if you didn't make it on this issue. The competition is harsh and there is always a next time :) In the meantime, you may wish to check these guidelines for extra tips on how your writing can be more effective.

Authors That Received a Curie Upvote by the SteemSTEM Team

In the same spirit of being transparent about our actions that are now supported by @curie, we will release every week a list of authors who have caught the attention of the @steemstem curation team.

If you want to discuss this with us, please do not hesitate to join the steemSTEM discord server or to follow our curation trail (just ask us for more information on the chat for details).

From February 11 to February 17, we rewarded 183 different authors who have written a total of 283 different articles. The authors who received both a @steemstem and a @curie vote that week are:

@aamin, @abigail-dantes, @aditili, @agbona, @akeelsingh, @alexaivytorres, @alexander.alexis, @alexzeigt, @altherion, @amavi, @anibalmdz, @annieben, @anyes2013, @atheneav, @azulear, @bendelgreco, @biomanu, @bitfairy, @blessing97, @braide, @cheider, @churchboy, @clausewitz, @commierad, @crazy-daisy, @cryptoitaly, @cryptowani, @cuarzo05, @daedevils, @dandymee, @dave76, @dber, @dedicatedguy, @deepresearch, @dennis.bacchus, @derbesserwisser, @deusjudo, @dexterdev, @docbrowns, @doctorcro, @dpyroc, @drifter1, @drkomoo, @dysfunctional, @egotheist, @eliaschess333, @elyvelasquezleon, @ememovic, @emily61, @engrkomoo, @enzor, @erh.germany, @etcmike, @exercisinghealth, @fcot, @fejiro, @filotasriza3, @florae, @fona, @francisaponte25, @fredrikaa, @freyablekman, @futurethinking, @galotta, @gianluccio, @giovaabbatichio, @gtan, @hadji, @halloworld,, @hboi, @hellofuture, @henrychidiebere, @heutegelernt, @highonthehog, @hogarcosmico, @iliasdiamantis, @infinitelearning, @irza, @issavets, @jajdgenius, @jamhuery, @jamiba, @jepper, @jlmol7, @josalarcon2, @joseleogon, @josevbc, @jsxchemistry, @katerinaramm, @kaydee, @keephy, @kharrazi, @ksolymosi, @langford, @lauch3d, @learnandteach01, @leczy, @lefactuoscope, @lesshorrible, @lianaakobian, @logic42, @loular, @marvel1206, @masterwu, @mathowl, @mayowadavid, @mcw, @mes, @mhizkemmie, @migueldavidor, @mike11, @mirkon86, @monomyth, @mountain.phil28, @mountainwashere, @mrs.nobody, @muphy, @nathan290595, @naturicia, @nedspeaks, @ngans, @nikoleondas, @noble-noah, @numbo, @o1o1o1o, @ogochukwu, @olayiwola, @oluwabori, @oscarcc89, @osita21, @pangoli, @pearlumie, @physics-o-mania, @physics.benjamin, @procrastilearner, @proteus-h, @rionpistorius, @robotics101, @rossanavictora, @rsc227, @rscalabrini, @sammielaboi, @samminator, @samve, @sarabelardo, @sarrie, @saulrico, @scienceangel, @sciencegeek, @security101, @sergejkarkarov, @sheglow, @simplifylife, @singhbinod08, @siniy, @sistem, @sooflauschig, @spaghettiscience, @sparklez, @steemitseed, @steempsych, @stefanofiori, @storytales, @sustainablyyours, @sward, @sweetestglo-eu, @targodan, @terrylovejoy, @teutonium, @tfcoates, @thaealmarza, @thestronics, @tkappa, @tking77798, @tomastonyperez, @tsoldovieri, @ugonma, @uzochukwu, @valth, @viannis, @vjap55, @warrensz, @whentone, @whileponderin, @whitewarlike, @wisdomdavid, @ydavgonzalez, @zmijavci, @zouxx

All curation rewards earned will be used to fund @steemstem project functioning and activities.

See you all next Thursday!

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Once again, I personally congratulate everyone, and in particular the 207 authors who made steemstem great again last week. For the list, you will know in a week ^^


You welcome boss...It's my desire to always make steemstem proud and I will keep doing just that .

Thank you


Thanks to you as well! :)

Congratulations to all!. Thanks for the support provided @steemstem. For my part, I will continue working hard. Regards!.


We are counting on you ^^

Great curation this week. Congrats to everyone!

Congrats to all. Well deserved.

Hey team!

I think the link to "Peak Performance – Go with the Flow" is broken :/. Just taking me to the image

PS. Thanks for the inclusion and cudos on getting a better picture than the lame one I had for my article :D


You are right about the broken link, I already informed the management about this issue, thanks for noticing :)




Thanks for pointing this out! I see @mobbs fixed it already :)

These articles are really great. They are well written and explained things clearly. It must have been difficult for you guys to choose the best from the lot as they are all great articles. Also I'm interested in writting such article one of this day. Unfortunately I'm not as talented as them. Anyways great job @steemstem team.


Yes, it is never easy. Picking up a few out of hundreds. But this is a great task too, very funny somehow :)

congratulations to all the users that received the support of STEM, the community grows week after week enormously and the work of the curators intensifies even more, for us it is an honor to belong to STEM and we will continue working hard for the benefit of the comunity..

Gracias de parte de stem-espanol :D

Really interesting stuff! Unfortunately, I can't manage to read all stem content, but Distilled is always certain to offer up some great ones!

Indeed you are doing a great job for promoting science and technology. Here everyone is trying to get dollars, although these post also gives rewards but also giving some extra in form of knowledge. It is said #Knowledge is Power. Appreciation with following, upvote and resteemed. @steemstem

Gotta love the work done by @steemstem and also the editorial team. Congratulations to all of those featured.
Glad to be a part of this community. :)

  ·  3년 전

Congratulations to the "chosen ones!" I like these posts because SteemSTEM Distilled finds interesting posts I would surely miss. I'm still a minnow and this is a valuable service.

Great work at steemstem.Weldone for your laborious effort.

Congratulations to everyone that was featured!

I can't believe we totaled 283 articles in a matter of a week, to be honest those figures are ridiculous (and impressive!). Also shows the effort involved in the team managing @steemstem from behind the scenes.

Thanks for allowing us an opportunity to contribute to the project!

Congratulations to all the authors for the excellent work done, and thanks for the great support of @curie and @steemSTEM. Greetings @ journalist

This is great! Well coordinated well written. The positive content is welcomed after all the negative #steemit weekly update posts that have been going around. Thanks guys!

  ·  3년 전

Good luck to the scientifically minded.

Congratulations to everyone who made it! And thanks to @steemstem and @curie for the support!

Congrats everyone, i wish to make the list one day, great work @steemstem

this is a very great job indeed.
Once again Steemit proves that It will take off Reddit very soon, Keep it up you are doing a great job.

Great job by @zest @justtryme90 and @trumpman
Also, the selections for those days of the week were well deserved by the authors.
More grace, guys

This is curation is at its finest. Good job Team stemSTEm.

Bam. Yet another one that actually fills up my reading list without letting me down for weeks in a row.
thanks for the work team! (@lemouth @justtryme90 @suesa, etc)


Thank you steemstem. I am grateful.

Thanks, great work. voted.
PS: it is sad that the programming contest from @kenchung seems discontinued... any updates?


glad that you like it and thanks for the support! Yet I am getting busy these days as I am busy with my thesis and ready to start my new job as a teacher. So sadly I guess I won't be able to have sufficient spare time to sustain this comeptition :(

If you wish to hold this competition for me, I would be glad to let you take over it!


Yes, that 'll be great!, could you tell me the details? I plan to continue this once every two weeks.


I think you need to talk to steemSTEM team if you want to get their sponsor. You can refer to my posts for the format and prizes. Of course you are free to amend the rules! Let me know if you need any more details.


Someday my name will be on that list because am also a member

Congratulations to all the member that made the list

Keep the Good Work steemstem

Thanks for the support. Congratulations to everyone.

Thank you very much! For all the things are you doing for the comunnity and for that great support provided by @steemstem. I will continue putting my efforts to make this bigger. Thanks again.

Wow, I never thought that my work would be seen as being good enough to make these kind of posts. Thank you to @zest @trumpman and @justtryme90 and the rest of SteemStem for the continous and generous support that you give me. If anyone is reading this and is looking for a community to join, I can not recommend @steemstem enough.


It's a pity my grandfather never ate bananas;-(
I guess that's the reason why I'm fond of carrots.

nice job guys, its not an easy one but keep it up

I also try to do my bits, trying to encourage kids to start making and be interested in science and technology by showing cool stuff you can make with 3d printer and little arduinos during my local maker faire.

Wuhu! I finally made it! :D
Thanks a lot for your appreciation and effort! :)

Congratulations everyone and thanks to @steemstem for giving us the opportunity to share our write-ups to the community.

I love the post about the crocodile, great one!! Congratulation everyone :)

Congs. Great work.