SteemSTEM Distilled #66

3년 전

Welcome to the 66th issue of SteemSTEM Distilled, a curation effort by the members of the @steemstem team.

SteemSTEM aims to make Steem a better place for STEM, a task which we believe crucial for the long-term development of the blockchain. Our goals consist in invigorating and inspiring the minds of a community of STEM aficionados on Steem, targeting on the long-term the upgrade of SteemSTEM as a real platform for science communication. In the meantime, this goes through the support of quality, interesting and cutting-edge STEM content.

For more details, a recent update on the SteemSTEM project is available here. If you want to discuss with us, please do not hesitate to join the steemSTEM discord server.

In order to support the best STEM content on Steem, our team scours the blockchain and read more than a couple of thousands of STEM-related posts per week. We hence support about 200 of these posts, and present in this distilled our top 8 handpicked choices for the last Thursday-Sunday period.


What is a Chicken? - 100 Years of Playing God

A great post by @pmdmunton teaches us some amazing facts about... chickens! After reading this, you'll certainly look at your fried wings with different eyes!

How toxic metabolites accumulation may be blocked by compounds found in red wine and green tea.

@starrichie here has given us a beautiful post on green tea and red wine. If you want to learn what's hiding in those popular drinks, then you know which post to read!


Unknown Insect #4 under the Microscope 🔬

@supersoju gets an insect under her microscope and we follow her! This is indeed a cool post you would love to check out!

Demystifying the popular myth that individuals are dominated by either their right or left brain hemisphere

Have you heard of theories suggesting that one of our two hemispheres controls us? Well, @akiripromise has written an excellent post trying to debunk this one. Check it out!


Why You Shouldn't Eat Pork?

A well-written post by @chloroform discusses the dangers of pork meat. If you are concerned about your health and what things go into your stomach, then you shouldn't miss reading this one!

Saving the globe from warming; Generating solar electricity from bacteria might be an option.

An interesting theory in an equally interesting post by @steepup suggests producing electricity using... bacteria! For more information, read @steepup's great post!


District Six And What’s Left Of It- The Epicentre Of Apartheid In South Africa.

An amazing history post is here by @highonthehog! Read on to learn more about the Apartheid and what District Six meant for it.

Insight #10: Introduction to scientific understanding of intelligence

Let's close with some psychology, shall we? Do you remember @saunter? We have an amazing post on intelligence from him that you shouldn't miss!

A few words about the nomination process

For some time, the editorial team behind this distilled series is made of a one-woman-team, @ruth-girl, and she chooses her favorite posts (potentially discussing with other curators and/or the management). Posts written by the SteemSTEM team are excluded from the nomination process.

Please do not be discouraged if you did not make it on this issue. We are picking up in total 14 posts a week out of more than 200. The chances are thus low ;) In the meantime, you may wish to check these guidelines for extra tips on how your writing could be more effective.

Authors upvoted by the SteemSTEM team

In the spirit of being transparent about our actions that are now supported by @utopian-io, @curie, our delegators, our trailers and our manual curator supporters, we release every week the list of authors who have caught the attention of the @steemstem curation team.

From July 1 to July 8, we rewarded 124 different authors who have written a total of 160 different articles (there was a Steem blockchain failure during that week). The 121 authors who received votes from @steemstem, @utopian-io and @curie all together that week are:

@abdulmath, @abigail-dantes, @agmoore, @ajpacheco1610, @akiripromise, @alexander.alexis, @alphajeez, @anyes2013, @arac, @ari16, @astrophoto.kevin, @conficker, @cryptoitaly, @dandymee, @davinci.times, @dber, @deathbatter, @dedicatedguy, @delpilar, @derbesserwisser, @drifter1, @dysfunctional, @egotheist, @eliaschess333, @elvigia, @emiliomoron, @emperorhassy, @eniolw, @eurogee, @felixrodriguez, @fran.frey, @ftxft, @funmiakinpelu, @geadriana, @giftessiet, @henrychidiebere, @humbledeen, @ikchris, @infinitelearning, @insight-out, @iptrucs, @iradyjr, @irelandscape, @issavets, @jesusjacr, @joelagbo, @joseangelvs, @josedelacruz, @kingabesh, @knfitaly, @lordneroo, @lorenzor, @luiscd8a, @lupafilotaxia, @mactro, @masterwriter, @maurelvys, @mayrie28, @migueldavidor, @mike961, @mountainwashere, @muphy, @nakary, @nicomax, @noble-noah, @nonzerosum, @oluwoleolaide, @osariemen, @osmy07, @pacheco05, @pagliozzo, @phage93, @pheelz, @procrastilearner, @psicoluigi, @purelyscience, @qiyi, @quekery, @rcebike, @rharphelle, @romualdd, @rubies, @samminator, @sebbbl, @serialfiller, @snackaholic, @sonius94, @soofluffy, @spaghettiscience, @star-vc, @steempsych, @steepup, @suzanrs, @teekingtv, @terrylovejoy, @tomastonyperez, @trumpman, @vanillah, @vidaparasita, @vjap55, @vladimir-simovic, @writeit, @ydavgonzalez, @youssef.sed, @zest, @zoricatech

[Credits: @hightouch]

All curation rewards earned will be used to fund @steemstem project functioning and activities.

See you all next Thursday or Friday!

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Congratulations to all authors! :) Don't pay attention to the dip in the voting pattern, this is related to the past issue with the Steem blockchain.


Thanks a lot, @lemouth. I feel pretty happy because I am pretty happy because I am trying to improve my Post, and I received your voting and mentions! :)


we do our best to find everyone deserving :)


Oh yeah!


Weldone boss

Nice to see some new names getting featured. Looking forward to reading through them.

Congrats from me, too! I will go and dig into some of the mentioned authors, here.

The mentions are inspiring and have let me find one or the other new one, which I would otherwise surely have overlooked.

Thanks for the effort, steemstem- team and @ruth-girl. <3

Thank you for your support, guys! In what way could one contribute to the community besides writing, upvoting and re-steeming?


this is a great post on engaging with the Steemstem community. The party really happens late night on the discord server though, link at the top of this article:)

My name is in the list
OMG, seems am improving

Am glad my name @ikchris was

Thanks to
They really helped and still helping me on "how to"

Congratulations to everyone
Good work @steemstem
@ruth-girl I appreciate your effort


Keep it up and who knows, maybe your name will be in the featured list soon! ;)

Thanks @steemstem. We are grateful. Congratulations to all authors

@eurogee of @euronation and @steemstem communities


Thank you for supporting all this @eurogee! :)

Big congrats to every author featured and those that got voted.
Nice selections again by @ruth-girl.

Great job by entire management of SteemSTEM


Thanks a lot Sammy! :)

It is good that atleast you see these post otherwise these ppst go unnoticed without any visit.This is quite good effort.

Congratulations to the selected authors

@akiripromise you hit the handpicked congratulations man

Well done @ruth-girl for the wonderful selection

I keep learning everyday

thanks for saving me my confusion @lemouth about neutrino


Thanks brother.
lets keep the awesome contents coming


Hehe no problem. The pleasure is for me :)


Glad you liked those @osariemen!

See you around! :)

Thank you for mentioning and your support

Great work everyone. Kudos @ruth-girl.


Thank you! :D

Thanks guys for honouring my last Insight post :) You're awesome! And how cool is to be next to my dear friend @highonthehog :)

Kudos to @steemstem team
Congratulations to the authors

Thanks a lot guys

This is so encouraging. Science gets interesting with each moon, which is why we will keep churning out good contents. Nice selection @ruthy, steemSTEM all the way.


Do we have a ruthy? :)



Even @lemouth has the name he calls her


lol no other individual is permitted to call her ruthy..


I think there is one... :D


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Maybe not this one? ;)


Thanks @akiripromise! Steemstem on! ;)

Whao what a great distill. Am humbled to have my post selected by the editorial team. Well done @ruth-girl for the wonderful job always. I equally congratulate all authors whose work are selected as part of this distilled, I say kudos to you all. @lemouth, thanks for giving us this distill as usual.


The pleasure is for me! :D

My very sincere congratulations to all! Thanks @steemstem for the constant support. Best regards

Hi @steemstem!

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Congratulations to all authors. This is a lovely community. Well organised. Looking forward to working under you.

STEM contributor


Thanks a lot! We are happy to have such active members with us! :)

A big congratulations to all the authors. They all write beautifully well. And a great thanks to all the management including @ruth-girl. More power to your elbows. Let's keep the good work going.


What a lovely comment! Thank you! :D

What a surprise this has been. Thanks @ruth-girl, @steemstem & Co.


We thank you! You deserve it! :)


Surprises are always good as they are unexpected :D

This is excellent news about Steem and science technology this news will increase steem coin value, what is your opinion @steemstem

Awesome, thank you guys, @ruth-girl you rock! I​ see just next to me my fellow Pole @saunter with his psychology series! Congratulations to ALL !


Thank you for your good work @highonthehog! :)
Well done and congratulations!

This is complete science and philosophy this is information for me , but still I will try and see how I can get this information to my children

I feel so happy that my post was selected. It's truly a pleasure. Nice picks @ruth-girl, fantastic work. Congrats to the other selected authors. Thanks. And a BIG salute to @lemouth.


Thank you for the nice words and the mention ;)

Thank you. Steemstem, my favorite place. I'm not a scientist by training, but maybe that was a mistake :)

I hope your efforts bring lots of mad scientists to steem, even not mad ones


Hahaha! That's a crazy comment! Thank you! :)