Introducing STEMNG tag, a sub-community of STEEMSTEM for Nigerian Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics related posts

4년 전

Dear Steemians,

My name is stemng, a non-profit account created solely to curate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics related posts from Nigerians.

#stemng is a sub-group of #steemSTEM and is here to to work in collaboration with the @steemstem management to ensure that quality STEM-related posts, especially from Nigerians, are not missed for curation. It is a similar group to #itastem and #indo-stem for Italian and Indonesian steemSTEM communities respectively.


Source: Wikimedia Creative Commons

The overall goal is for developing the steemit's science community, in each respective areas.

STEM-related (only) content creators from Nigeria are at this moment encouraged to use the 'stemng' tag.

Please a little reminder to the community that before putting up the stemng tag ensure your post follow the steemSTEM guidelines. The guidelines include interesting/good language use/cited images/text citations/factual etc. For more details on the steemSTEM guidelines, please check @steemstem's post here.

Thank you all.

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Nice innovation... But my posts don't fall into any of the categories Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics related because I'm an art student with little interest for science!!!

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