How small are we?

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Have you ever wondered where is our little Earth compared to the rest of the universe? How small are we next to the other planets and stars? Where does the Milky Way fit inside the vast cosmic pool of dust, gas and energy?

Watch this youtube video just to get an idea ;)

If you enjoy learning about the mysteries of the skies, you can check out our amateur astronomer from Australia, @terrylovejoy! He often posts his original photos from his observations and if you are into skywatching you will definitely find value in his work.

Check his latest post that just came out!

Sunday Blues - Some Astrophotos 

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Many times I think about this, and I almost always find myself imagining and so amazed and shocked that we are so small comparatively AND WHAT I AM IMAGINING IS STILL FAR FROM ACCURATE but still we intelligent enough to think about and to understand the universe. That moment is priceless. It's the best part of my day.

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I often find that such videos help to offer perspective. The sheer scale of the universe is impossible to wrap ones head around.

I heard once that those who have spent time in space have told of how the experience has altered their outlook on life.

Wow this is very informative and helpful
Thanks so much for sharing this information

captivating & Mind Blowing stuff!

We are small, but still, we are big 'cause we have Universe inside of us!

We have 90 billions of neuron.

all those questions we leave them for God

this is quite informative and captivating. Nice post @stempede