TIL: What If A Huge Asteroid Hit The Earth?

5년 전

Hello to everyone! - @ruth-girl here

Doomsday scenarios keep coming from @stempede! Today we got you something noisy... what if the Earth was hit by a huge asteroid? Do you want to know what sequence of events would be triggered? Watch this video from Discovery Channel and start praying this never happens!

Ok, enough with terrorizing you. To calm you down we got an amazing post by @terrylovejoy on comets, those beautiful and rare visitors of the skies. Read his post starting with a photo of a comet he discovered in 2014 and learn more about what comets are! (Don't forget to follow him after that)

COMETS - A Brief Primer

Image taken by @terrylovejoy (source) 

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If an asteroid hit earth, I'd probably be the happiest man on the planet . Well dead man ....