Can you help me identify this fruit?

23일 전

So, I am here in my summer house doing some reinnovations and shit and I just harvested a tree my grandpa had planted a long time ago.

The thing is I have no idea what it is and I'd love to know! Its the first time I see its fruits, I guess because I always came here during the summer! And my grandpa is no longer alive so it's a bit hard to ask him.

Here's how the fruits look like:




The fruits are soft and squishy btw.

As for the tree, the leaves look a bit like the ones from olive trees but a bit wider:




The leaves on the underside have a velvet like texture btw.

Any help will be much appreciated! Let me know if you need more photos, info or whatever!

Edit: Some more descriptive info added on the post that might be helpful.

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woot thanks! I found out what it is, the reveal tomorrow. Everybody here got it wrong!

@trumpman I think it's some kind of pomegranate.

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Doesn't look like one :/ Too small and... not red ? 😂

It's fig tree.


Not not a fig! They are much smaller, and look much different on the inside as you can see in the photo. Also, no "milk" and the leaves are TOTALLY different ;)

Its !BEER or figs
Try make some snaps out of it.
Maybe dry it for a bit?

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Not figs. Check my reply to aceontops



Just turn it into alcohol already.

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Hey @trumpman, here is a little bit of BEER from @bluerobo for you. Enjoy it!

A walnut

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Looks like a green date ? Here is a link to a shutter stock clip that looks pretty close to what you have -

Looking them up online, their seems to be several different types. Just a guess to bad it is not some rare exotic fruit that people would pay a fortune for.

Are you sure you harvested them at the right time? I feel like they are a little too green in that photo :/ They do look like green pomegranates... But I'm not very "agricultural "


Yeah I think I harvested them on the right time! They were super easy to remove (barely touched them) and they are already falling by themselves! I think they are as ripe as they can get!

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