Sorry no upvotes for anyone as long as i’m flagged to hell by, @mackbot/@themarkydouch/buildawhale! & Why I flag @themarkymark!


I cannot vote anyone up any STEEM when i make none!

It turns out flags only work on people that are smaller than you (in sp) That's why the whales like the flags, but if you flag them with one you will always loose more than you flagged! So flags are kinda stupid for a majority of folks, they only should be meant for responsible people, I admit - not even me! I can't manage my own flags without causing myself more grief from the retribution flags!

I might speed up my bot!

I'm not logging into the steemit frontend any more! I quit up-voting others, I don't care about steemit anymore!
You can all thank @themarkymark for this! I flagged him because he lied to me on voice on Discord! He told me straight that he was that famous movie star! He tricked me, he also lied to everyone for years here until he recentry admitted he is not his profile pic avatar, however he still uses Nathan's pic, so I flag him forever! So he is a lier, I have to downvote him! sorry! lol

Flag @themarkymark to fix all the problems of STEEM!

He's really a bad guy, the bad guy! I'm the good guy foreal! I won't sit back and ignore him just to collet my steem and be a sellout, that makes me the same as him, yuck! Flag him until he quits, I won't stop!

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Do you not earn a curating reward for upvoting posts?

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Oh yeah I do, thanks for the reminder!

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This really should be looked into
Been wanting to ask you for long why @mack-bot really downvote every lovely post of yours, now I see the reason why and that's really bad.

pls don't leave Steemit

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Damn, they really are besieging you

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But, Why that s..t happens ? I cant understand, I will never understand, I could never understand...