The Results of Steem Tank!

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Steem Tank is a Shark Tank style show where steemians pitch their projects to a panel of business experts with a view to getting support and potential investment. The twist is we try to help any project that comes on because the pitches are Steem based, and all steemians go to the same moon!

I was joined on the panel with crypto business expert @nicholaslive and top witness developer @themarkymark hosted by @pennsif.

Five projects came on and here is the aftermath:

Steem SAVVY: @jongolson & @richardtaylor with @steemsavvy - learn the Steem blockchain from A to Z without needing a PhD in computer science - it's Steem for the rest of us!
-I like Steem SAVVY because it's a simple solution to a complex problem. Using Steem for the first time comes with a pretty steep learning curve. When you first get to Steem it can feel a bit overwhelming and I believe having landing points like Steem SAVVY will be great.
-Biggest hurdle: Awareness (and the one thing that should never be hard to find is the starting point).
-How we plan to help: Interview done with Team Savvy & @nicholaslive. From there we have a pitch video we can use when needing to spread info about Savvy. As a bonus I will throw in some paid YouTube promotion. I have offered my open DMs for any advice/consulting and I will do what I can to help bring awareness to Savvy.

Steem Open Bazaar: with the project to get STEEM integrated on
-The idea of integrating into Open Bazaar is a nice idea that I would like to help fund and is a great fit for the upcoming Steem DAO (worker proposal system). While this is an indirect investment (not equity or for direct ROI) they still benefit Steem as a whole.
-Biggest hurdles: Money.
-How we plan to help: @nicholslive is an expert on WPS as he has worked with Bitshares in the past and will help guide Diggn Deeper in structuring the proposal. From there I will help raise awareness and will kick start the proposal with some funding once the DAO is released.

Dcooperations: @clixmoney with DCooperation - a project to make steemians collaborate more with each other and with other steem communities and even crypto communities
-Dcooperations niche I feel can be an extension from projects like SAVVY. Once you learn steem now it's time to meet new people, engage and maybe even earn some crypto by participating in the Dcooperation community. This seems lovely and would benefit from collaboration with steem onboarding projects.
-Biggest hurdle: More SP (to bring more incentive to the community) & Awareness.
-How we plan to help: Right now I feel a lot of Steem are building on their own little islands. We can greatly benefit from bridging these islands together and creating synergy amongst projects. With that said I will be helping Dcooperation bridge with onboarding sites. I have offered my open DMs for any advice/consulting.

DLease: @thecryptodrive with DLease - passively growing your investment on the Steem blockchain has just become increasingly more attractive with the P2P Digital Asset Leasing app.
-I like the idea of peer 2 peer lending. Would love to see this once resource credits become delegatable (preys to a higher power).
-Biggest hurdle: Awareness.
-How we plan to help: DLease is a fully built product ready to masses that provides ROI and a valuable use case for people looking to rent Steem Power. The first step would be an interview with Nicholas. From there we can pitch the video to investors. I plan to buy some YouTube promotion, as the 17% ROI should attract some crypto investors. I have offered my open DMs for any advice/consulting and I will do what I can to help bring awareness to Dlease.

Helpie-Caster: @bembelmaniac with the Helpie-Caster project which supports streamers on VIMM and has now created the VIEWER token to help streamers and viewers.
-The VT token that is distributed to streamers has real-world value by having giveaways with Steel Series (popular gaming hardware accessories company) & working with giveaway platform.
-Biggest hurdle: Need SP to pay Streamers. Awareness.
-How we plan to help. Bembelmanic is doing a wonderful job hustling and making this partnership and growing the Viewer Token. I have offered to help sponsor and contest/giveaways via upvotes to help bolster the Streaming community on Steem.

Thank you @pennsif for hosting & panelist @nicholaslive & @themarkymark for joining! A big shout out and thanks to the five projects that came on Steem Tank to pitch!

If you missed this episode @pennsif recorded here:!/v/pennsif/v3vafoxh

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It was a great show. Great progress. Congrats to everyone and also congrats to you mate do everything in your power to make steem perform according to its potential (price-wise)


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Give this guy some upvotes! He deserves some more STEEM so he can show us his project.

Thank you very much for the time and the opportunity to be on the show. I look forward to the DAO and getting the proposal done with your help.

This show is a great concept. I hope it can go on into the future and we see the benefits accumulate.

Steem on!

Yes please! Let’s apply all the game theory we can to get steem to the moon

It was awesome being on the show Dan, thanks for your support and advice. I look forward to the YouTube exposure on @nicholaslive’s vlog and driving DLease and Steem forward.


Likewise, thanks for coming on!


loved hearing about Dlease man. And thanks for the help with tokenbb too. Setting it up right now for steemsavvy and it should be ready to go very soon :)

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No worries, hope you enjoy TokenBB, we should be improving it in the coming weeks.

We have been a fan of Shark Tank and we've seen how Sharks invest to business and offered their money and connections for the growth & success of the business. With the expection of their ROI.

I just wonder, if Steem Tank can also consider start-ups like ours who would like to leverage the Steem blockchain and utilize Steem as a "store of value".

Egg Inc is a food-related startup (food and cooking courses) and would like to utilize steem as one of the cryptocurrencies being accepted to avail our products.

Will their be chances that Steem Tank consider our potential business for funding and of course for the investor's ROI?


certainly, if you havent yet send me an email, and let's talk in June.

Absolute blast being on Steem Tank. And look forward to everything that’s coming!

Appreciate the opportunity man. And the feedback and insight has been great. We will be putting it into action for sure and spreading the word :)

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Thanks a lot. That was really a great and useful show. I even understand now better what we need to improve more in the community and how to be ready for such shows in the future. Thanks for offering your consultation. That's really helpful.


Excellent! Glad to be of service.

I listened to the recorded version a couple of hours ago. It was interesting to show/discussion. Looking forward to the future ones.

My takeaways were as following:

As you always say, building tools seem to be an important path in making Steem available for more people. Not just tools but tools that make it easier for new users like Steem Savvy, options for investors like dLease.

Helpie-Caster seems interesting with a focus on streamers. I agree with the panel that streamers/influencers can make a big impact if they joined the platform.

One suggestion I would make is buying ad space directly from streamers. Maybe just from low to mid-level streamers. What lower level streamers want is sponsors who help with building their audience. Not big sponsorships, some small sponsorships that can cover giveaways, etc. In return, they could place Steem logo or banner on top of their streams.

I think this way streamers would be signing up on Steem even if they are not asked to. At the same time, their audience would be curious of Steem and could visit the website. That is if they don't confuse it with Steam, and think it is a typo. :)


heya Geekgirl, you thinking right, wen need to push this small Streamer which are already using the platform to use more offense ways to get intactive with the Audience like raffles and stuff but then we need to pay em , Helpie-Caster is doin his small own JOB there, we re atm with 2300SP thats really less but every small step is a movement into the right way...

There a couple ways how to help this system...

to Delegate some SP is only one way, there is also a Trail which is following the Manual Curation of HC

At first it needs more People who trust into the streaming way of this plattform....

The prob of most Influencers on Twitch is the partner ship it isnt allowed to em to stream on a other plattform or making comercials for others... so most USUAL Streamers are out for using a Banner on their stream ;)

So we need to push our OWN system of STEEM... and yeah you re right...

Im a often invited Guest on some diffrent big streams in Europe and im often talk about STEEM / VIMM thats the greyzone of twitch to use ;) and im happy this iunfluencers gimme the chance to do so... last week i was active at a 30k stream....


if you want to talk about some possibilities , feel free to contact me ;)


I am in the Archdruid Gaming community. It is a sub-community for Curie. Our curators keep an eye on gaming content.

Feel free to join our server.

Maybe we can collaborate.


Heya Geek im already Member of the Archdruid Discord ;) smile lets meet there and i will drop you our link as well :D

@theycallmedan, It's all about the discussion, planning and implementation. And in a way this show is vital in getting to know about the potential projects and initiatives. Hope that this discussion will create a new and very productive future route. Keep up the productive steps.

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What can I say, empowering viable steem project has been something we use to see in the past, but then it suddenly stopped, I'm glad to see you've revitalized this, it reminds me of the fact that the community aspect of the blockchain is really important. I obviously love the concept of DLEASE the most. Cheers

I was traveling this week so I missed it but will definitely get to hear it. A couple of names that I have liked before hearing them here which I use and try to promote like @steemsavvy and @dlease!

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thanks for the support man. i still need to interview you for the weekly feature :) lol

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I will be back from a small vacation the following week so we could do it then! Honored to do so!

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awesome. sounds good. enjoy the vacation man.

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This is a truly great initiative.. and all look like great projects as well! #steemtank

Let's go #Steem!

Thanks, @theycallmedan!!!

It's amazing that not only do you promote the projects by getting them on the show, but you also offer a structured approach to every one of them and guide them through next steps it seems.

That's one of the greatest initiatives I've seen on Steem so far! Hope you'll have more rounds of Steem Tank and help even more projects.

Congrats to everyone who was there, and looking forward to seeing what's gonna come out of your support for them :-)

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  ·  3년 전

Thanks @theycallmedan for the support to DLease, is surely a great way to get more people invested in STEEM and in powering up their liquid tokens.
As I manage the Twitter account, let me know when/if the YouTube promotion start, so we can coordinate campaigns.
Nice to meet you btw!

This was a coo read to learn about project here in steem. Resteemed.

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Wow Congratulations to all. but very special to my good friend @thecryptodrive, For the great opportunity he gave me to belong to a great team.

And is a great project, which will be very successful. steemit is for everyone from the smallest to the largest, it is a great world of opportunities.

It's awesome to see such a good projects developed FOR STEEM and AROUND STEEM!
I wish best luck for all listed projects and I hope that we will have more Steem Tank episodes in the future.

I liked a lot projects like @steemsavvy , Dcooperations and Helpie-Caster... It's important to learn people about STEEM and also, welcome newbees with rewards for their contribution..

Special thanks for our "whales" for helping smaller projects with development: @theycallmedan @nicholaslive @themarkymark

Congratulations to @dcooperation and @clixmoney
Happy to see them as one of the 5 shortlisted projects.
Thanks much @theycallmedan

STEEM Tank is going to bring Huge Huge Value yo our Blockchain

I’ll spread the word out

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I love seeing things like this. It's so uplifting to see all the energy and drive people are putting into the Steem blockchain. Huge kudos to all the developers and to the collaborators on this initiative for bringing them to life. I've spent some time on @steemsavvy, and it's awesome. Great work pulling all this together, @theycallmedan!

Dlease sounds cool to me, i think this project can do wonders for steem blockchain. so much expectation for implementing in a productive way.

Great job especially with this follow through here! I love it! ❤️❤️❤️

While listening to the show I was thinking maybe something visual would knock the format out of the park tho....


Have you guys thought about making a video for following shows?


congrats! great things are happening for steem. moon together soon.

"Using Steem for the first time comes with a pretty steep learning curve" : it's true, there is a lot of outdated content and I never know where to look at. There should be one place that explains everything in a simple maner, with up to date content, and exhaustive "glossary" of terms and concepts. Let's try to release all the power of Steem!

all projects look great to me., though i feel they need a good execution.

congrats to the whole tea,. and Dlease loks to me a great project.

congrats guys for making it a successful show.

looking forward to everything coming!

We enjoyed listening in on Steem Tank. This is an amazing initiative @theycallmedan
Best wishes to:

Huge thanks for hosting:
@Theycallmedan, @nicholaslive @themarkymark and @pennsif.
We loved these projects and can't wait to see how they develop further.
Best wishes to all these fine Steemian's, and thank you @theycallmedan
for all that you do for Steem!

Man, I need help, can you guide me how can I increase in steem power faster....

Wow, congratulations! Steem needs such type of productive activities.

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congrats and Weldon guys! this will get more investors to steem.

a project needs a productive community, and i can sense the success of if we as a community keep bring some productive ideas like this.

congrats to you for making the show successful @theycallmedan by hosting the project. keep it up.

Great results, congrats to the steem tank team and you.

Great show. Congrats to everyone, and to you as well @theycallmedan

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I’ll have to check each of these out. Great idea!

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Thanks for the update... been kinda away for a few days. Will catch up on the news 😀

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