Contribute to this fundraising post before it pays out - Task Deleted

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This post created at To tender for this task please visit Offers tendered outside of are invalid, and will result in banning from the platform.


If you can, either via your own upvote or by using a vote bot of some kind, give a vote to this post: that is equal to or greater than two dollars in rewards (I realize prices are fluctuating, but like, take a screen cap of the value of the post before you do it and then take a screen cap of it after and no matter what it is at payout I'll call it good - and/or maybe a screencap of your sending to a vote bot? Whatever works so that I can see that you did it), I'll reimburse you 3 Steem for pitching in to help a Steemian dealing with chronic illness. :) That way we're both essentially pitching in a dollar to the pot. It's less of a make money task, and more of an encouraging mutual aid task. ;)

Task ID: 155772502414

Task Deleted!
Sat, 18 May 2019 00:53:29 GMT

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Note: I just deleted this task since the fundraiser closed out and nobody made an offer.