Want To Earn 5 STEEM Easily?

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Do you use Twitter?

Do you have a lot of followers?

Currently @ecoinstar has a task listed on Steemtaskr.com offering to pay 5 STEEM to a Twitter influencer to promote his seven77 Steem promotion campaign.

There's probably no easier way to earn yourself 5 STEEM right now!

Why not jump on and put an offer in? I know from chatting to @ecoinstar that this will be a repeat job if he's happy with the result. Earn 5 STEEM repeatedly - what's not to like? :)

What Is Steemtaskr?

Steemtaskr is a services marketplace that allows you to find people to do the things you need doing. Post tasks that you need done, and fellow steemians can offer their services to you. Anything local or online that you need doing can be traded for steem/sbd on the platform. All transactions are recorded on the blockchain, providing an immutable record of your trade history.

What's New On Steemtaskr?

In recent updates I've added keychain integration and notifications to the platform. Most recently I've added a bot that will send you a Steem memo when you receive a notification on Steemtaskr.

Coming soon are 'saved searches', which will allow you to enter keywords for tasks you'd like to complete, and when a task matching any of those keywords is created, you'll get a notification alerting you to it. With the steemtaskr bot sending notification memos to your steem blog/wallet, you will be able to set and forget your search and just await your notification on your blog/wallet.

And as always, if you can resteem this to get the word out about this important addition to the steem marketplace ecosystem, it would be much appreciated. A successful cryptocurrency needs marketplaces in which you can trade in the native currency. Let's help make this a reality.

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I have just recently found #steemtaskr and checked it out. What a great service for the block chain, Iwish you every success.🙏