looking for someone to write an article/guide on installing mira to digital ocean!

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hey there, i'm looking for some assistance to be able to deploy a witness node using the new MIRA codebase, i'd like to have a step by step guide to installing it on a cloud website like digital ocean, some general witness tools links and just general tips and tricks pulled together in one blog post ideally.

what i'd really love however would be to do a video chat with someone who could walk me through it live and so we can use that video on dtube/youtube as well so other people could easily setup their own witness/node/mira as well.

Photo by Dan Whale on Unsplash

trying to break that voodoo of only 'people in the know' so that we can start to scale the amount of nodes that we have and so that i can start to go around lots of different cloud providers and write easy to use guides to deploy one.

existing witnesses with many years of experience welcomed. i'm actively wanting to learn how to build a frontend from condenser (minus tokens etc) and to learn all about the different kinds of witness nodes there are.

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