December Daily Send-A-Wreath: December 3, 2019

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Photo taken by and given permission to use by @brittandjosie

A special holiday greetings goes out to

@derekrichardson, @viking-ventures, and @stever82

Each day in December we will be highlighting three members

of the Steem Terminal Discord Server.


We do this as a thank you to each of them for participating

in the terminal and for all of their support of

the Steem Terminal.


@derekrichardson is always on the road of adventures, but when in the house he is always so ready to pitch in and help!


@viking-ventures is a great writer and Pokemon chaser, and on-boarded some family to Steem! Love your positivity in the chats!


@stever82 is our very own contest king. If you need help with Splinterlands or weed cash, he's your man. We know you are very busy but love it when you drop in the Terminal!

Please take a moment and visit each of these wonderful individuals

and give them an upvote or two for their hard work as Steemians.

Each of them will be receiving a portion of the rewards from this post!



This would enable us to connect and engage with even more new Steemian accounts. If so, please contact Ren at (xcountytravelers#7157) in the Discord Server Steem Terminal or down below in the comments. We appreciate your interest in helping us to help others.


Thanks @minnerz22 for the gif!

to learn more about either of these projects, please visit: @heyhaveyamet or @steemterminal


Why not visit their account @heyhaveyamet today?

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Thanks @steemterminal! Holiday greetings to you all!

Oooo, thank you! I love this Discord! I know I don't chat often enough, but I do try to drop in from time to time... especially when someone tags me.