How about we Get Steem As A USD Market Pair On Bittrex

11개월 전

Welcome steemians,

This is a continuous challenge on Bittrex

as observed on their twitter handle

Furthermore, an inquiry is being tossed to the overall population,


"What USD showcase combine would you need to see in 2019?"


we would all be able to make this conceivable, it's a simple undertaking everybody can really total inside a couple of moments of surfing through the net however, Steem has bunches of potential, if it's not too much trouble how about we make it conceivable as we spread this uplifting news to everybody

All you simply need to do is as per the following

  1. Tap on this connection in the event that you have a twitter account

  2. Vote STEEM to end up a USD Market match on bittrex

  3. Basically post proof of your tweet on a steemit post simply like mine.

  4. Use #steemtrex as one of your labels, and label five individuals to participate, at that point you get an upvote by @oracle-d for the following week.

I am welcoming @aarohi @borna, @soan55 @mitchel55 @inspiredgideon1 to participate in casting a ballot steem to the Top.

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