It´s Shilling Time on Twitter! | Let´s get Steem to the TOP

2년 전

So you say you love the Steem Blockchain?

Are you a big fan of @Utopian-io?

Do you think @Steepshot is the Dapp we were all waiting for?

Are you certain @Oracle-D is the perfect Platform to build communities?

Is @Tasteem, @Fundition and @Dsound one of your favorite platforms to engage and interact on the Steem Blockchain?

Can´t you get enough of all the cool features @Steemhunt, @Musing, @DTube and @Partiko offer to the Steem Ecosystem?

There are so many Dapps and communities out there and I´m sure that you love some of them (if not all)...

Well, here is you chance to speak up!

Log into your Twitter account and click the next link:

The question Justin Sun is asking is "What is the best decentralized community platform?" and, if you replied YES to any of the questions above then...

What are you waiting for to reply to him that the best decentralized community platform is STEEM?


I already did it, why haven´t you?

And yeah, you already know my Twitter username (beware, it´s very politically incorrect).

So, go reply to Justin Sun from TRON and let him know that STEEM is the best decentralized community platform in the cryptoverse!!

Whoever replies to this tweet and posts a screen capture here in the comments will get a vote from me.

Remember to use the #SteemTron, @oracle-d will also upvote everyone who replies to the tweet and posts the screen capture on the comment section of this post

Hey, let´s shill Steem TOGETHER, please Resteem this post so more people find out about it and they can also reply to the tweet!

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I would add a cover too : )
And turn analytics on by visiting

Did this around 20 minutes ago.


And then this happened:


That would be BIG!!


Yeah, isn't it amazing? The power of the Steem community has shown it's face again.
Plus I think Justin Sun is one of the more genuine people out there, this will be HUGE!!!


Yeah I've seen it 🤗 That can be a BOMB! 💣

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Bomb to me feels so violent and destructive! I feel a strong pulling away of the concept if bombs. :'(

JUst did my comment

Done. And resteeming. I'm cryptosuprtramp

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Awesome response!

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There it is, hope we are not too late yet! Lets keep em coming. hi3D0C9D04-88AE-4004-B0D3-194E8B8E55C9.jpeg

Haven't been on Twitter for a while, but worth a visit for this...!


Hey @pennsif ❤ it's been a long time since we've connected. It's a wonderful to be able to touchbase! I had the same response! I have used Twitter about 50-100 times. I even remembered all the sign in criteria!! How's it going?


Hi Jill, I'm keeping busy with the radio shows and the A Dollar A Day charity project I run on the blockchain.

How are you doing?

Done & Done @anomadsoul <3

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 9.23.06 PM.png

Resteemed and Voted.




Hi this is my replies to justinsun Twitter handle on the best platform that are decentralize

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屏幕快照 2018-12-02 上午1.09.21.png

Done shilling ;)

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Just done.:)

added 1% ! =)

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 11.22.07 am.png

Hi bro!


Done! blessings for you ;)

Go steem!

Hope we he will only hear "STEEM" from all directions in twitter.i done my job as it is...
Thank you
Yours @summisimeon

Claro que sí!
Trabajo hecho.


Amazing idea dude!

I did my job just now. I'm madushanka1 on Twitter.

More than by one vote, because it's true. Greetings, Erick.


Steem on👍😁☄Screenshot_20181130-195546.png

I have always and will always promote Steem on twitter!

Just did my part


¡Hola @anomadsoul! ¡Listo! un abrazo.


Done ♥

Just did my comment !! Let Justin Sun know Steem is the best !!

Naturally :)

Screenshot 2018-11-30 20.27.52.png

Steem is life 💙

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I have seen it before your post and have done my part and resteemed this post Brotha 🤗 That connect between Justin and Ned can be a BOMB 😎💣





Tenemos que seguir posteando y ayudándonos en estos tiempos difíciles.


Al menos si de verdad creemos en estas tecnologías.

Un saludo mi estimado.

For now, still have all love with steemit

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There is my comment :P

Done! Steem moon 🔝

Steem to the moon....


LOL, i reveal my identity for this XD

Here we GO


twit steem.png

螢幕快照 2018-12-02 上午12.24.39.png

STEEM is the most amazing platform I've ever used :)


Hecho, comentado.


I am very happy because Steem is The Winner..
See this proof :


Thank a lot for @anomadsoul and @oracle-d

#SteemTron #steemforthewin #steem #steemit #steemcommunity

Steem is the best

Thanks for sharing this, done!

Steem on top


Absolutely steemit is the best decentralized platform


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Lo hice porque estoy convencido, pero el voto también se agradece...gracias por vuestra iniciativa Eric..!


Hi @anomadsoul and @oracle-d ,I always try to make STEEM the leader and win. I am very confident STEEM will win and be at the top of the Most.

In addition to tweeting Justin Sun I also made my own Tweet to support Steem and my Tweet I posted it back on my Steemit Blog. You can see your own proof below:


Thank you very much for your great sharing.
Best Regards: @rijalaronaceh

#SteemTron #STEEM #steemforthewin

螢幕快照 2018-12-02 05.19.58.png


This is mine!


He will be notice our affords!

Yes I did it @anomadsoul

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Team Steem


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Wow! Hype train!


Another one for the cause.

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Well, I forgot the steemtron hashtag, but I’m definitely in. Tweeted and done!

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Listo por acá!

The best!

Hi!, ready:

ya lo hice :*

Its done :D



Steemit is the best!!

arepa steemit.png

Steem is the best!And I love Steemit so much!Partiko fans here!!!@partiko @steemit

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Hello Partiko fan!

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Done and Resteemed


I'm with Steem!


Steem is the best.

I have done.I'll do everything to make steem eight again and earn upvote by the way.\n\n

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STEEM is the best

Boom! Imagine if the two platforms merged together!


Done and resteemed.



I just commented using the Moneybaby ac, hope this helps spreading Steemit out!

The Steem community have really pulled together in this. Proud to be a part of it



Twitter blast OD.png


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  ·  2년 전

Done... Told them about steem.

Am glad to be part of this.




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twitter clip.PNG

Done and done! I think Steem is great for us travelers, #SteemTron, @oracle-d

Justin Sun on Twitter   Name the best decentralized community platform 😀    Twitter.png

Let's shilling..!!

Why not? Let's do it for #steem!

How amazing is this?
I have also captured @ned's Let's talk :P




I really love Steem!

I just replied to the tweet as well it resteemed your post hopefully for more visibility.

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I posted my reply... Nice campaign!



steem is the best platform


Here is my tweet and response to Justin Sun's question. Meanwhile, I made a post in case few people don't know what exactly to reply to the question. Check it out (
Thanks Jeff 💪😉

#steemcommunity ❤🎶🙏❤🎶🙏❤


Had to take a photo. It wouldn't let me screenshot! So bizzaar!! Thanks for letting us know about this @lyndsaybowes 🙏❤😊🎶

I made it very clear XD

My reply, a few hours ago :)



screenshot of tweet.jpg

And since the gif I created doesn't show in the tweet, here it is -


Here's my reply!

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I also resteemed it because I am JEFF.

Hey dear friend @anomadsoul, Really as members of this wonderful platform, we have to push it forward. It is actually one of the best decentralized platforms, so I published an article in Arabic so that the Arab steemians can know what is happening here.

This is my post in Arabic:

Ready, brother! Full support for initiatives to strengthen our Chain of Blocks!

Hi!!!👋😃 As you are one of the Steemit's best supporters I'm sharing this new cartoon about Steemtron take a look I hope you laugh a bit!😁

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I'll shill for STEEM!!

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You got a 75.58% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @anomadsoul!

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  ·  2년 전

I have been really impressed with Musing and Tasteem lately. They have been great projects to participate in and I can see myself continuing that for quite some time.

Done :) Anything for this platform :D

I wish I had a Twitter!!!


And what new amazing new app is gonna be awesome for onboarding FAMILIES to Steemit... @spunkeemonkee! Woo HOOOOOO


Cuz I love me some Steemit.


And we will bring ALLLLLL the families here with our new app

(Or die trying) lol

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Yessir let the shilling continue! The more the merrier ✊🏻

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