SteemTuner Featured Post - #2

2년 전

Welcome to the 2nd issue of SteemTuner's Featured Post series - A manual curation project aiming to support the undervalued posts on steem blockchain.

The steem blockchain receives thousands of posts every day. The growing number of user activity in steem blockchain is making it difficult for potential new authors to get recognized and flourish in the ecosystem. As a community, SteemTuner posses the ideology of supporting potential undervalued articles and helping out original content creators in steem blockchain. This featured post series will promote three undervalued content every other day. The general perception of getting featured in this series can be outlined as followed:

  • The content must be original and plagiarism free.
  • The article must not contain any copyright violation material (image, gif or anything).
  • The article should be well formatted and nicely presented for the readers.
  • The article should contain the source of images used (if any), mention personal ownership if its your own captured snap.
  • With the goal of supporting the undervalued content in steem blockchain, StemTuner's curation team go through hundreds of posts daily and selects Three articles for every issue of this featured post series based on the mentioned criteria. The best way to get featured here is to promote your article in SteemTuner's discord server.

    Featured Post #1

    Be Yourself, Success Awaits

    This amazing inspirational article by tjoet is about motivation of being strong and knowing yourself. Her writing quality and the appearance of the article will surely make u amazed. Check out this featured article from here.

    Featured Post #2

    Tags Of Life : : Our Life is Combination Of Tags!!

    This well written article by aiman speaks out about moral qualities of human being in general. Our second featured post of today can be read from here.

    Featured Post #3

    Ulog # 7 : Real Cooking is following more your Heart than following recipes!

    A cooking tutorial by ayasha is the perfect place where you can learn preparing your own dessert at home. Don't forget to check her recipe from here.

    The Selection Process

    The featured posts are picked by the "SteemTuner Curation Team" composed of experienced members of the community. To maintain transparency within the selection process, articles of the curators are considered ineligible to be featured. The complete process is moderated by the 'Admin Panel' (@mdshahin786, @habibrahad, @sherbanu,) of SteemTuner community. This issue is published under the editorial authority of @ied form "SteemTuner Curation Team".

    Feel free to join the SteemTuner community and participate contests to win exciting prize. Check out the discord server of SteemTuner for more details.

    Please note that SteemTuner welcomes delegation from the supporters of this community in voluntary basis. Check out following links to show your support towards the community: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000.

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    Well done @ied. Thanks for the support!


    He is doing a great job. Thanks to him

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    thx to u too! :)

    Best wishes @ied &
    @steemtuner. l'm proud of being a member of this community.


    Stay tuned with steem tuner. We are always here to support


    Supported all the featured posts


    Thanks for giving them support.

    Doing a great job @ied ... Thanks a lots ... keep it up ... Love Steemtuner and great to be a part of this kindly community ...

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    thx @tjoet , more good is yet to come! :)