Beach walkies

3년 전

#Steemutt Eddie had his first visit to the beach over Christmas. He loved the beach walks and rolling in the sand. He wasn't so impressed with the idea of swimming though.

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Yay fun XD My dogs love the beach. One will happily jump into the water chasing and biting foam (which occasionally makes me nervous because jellyfish) and swimming around, the other one is a bit more of a coward and will paddle in and then flee back as soon as he thinks there might be any actual swimming involved.

Some nice light :)



Lol, it sounds like walks on the beach with them would be a lot of fun! Eddie wandered in up to his chest and then realised it was water and was out like a shot. I took him back in a little later and he was dog-paddling around but definitely wasn't impressed.

This photo was taken at sunset, looking west from the island. The lovely light is the sun setting over the mainland. It was a stunning sight, I walked down to the beach to see it each night we were there :)