Stats Dec 21st 2016

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General Stats

  • 775 Accounts
  • 6000448.536512713 Collective Steem Power
  • 26791 Voting Rules
  • 754537 Votes Made
  • 17.6630 Average Vote Delay

Top Authors

  1. @steemsports
  2. @curie
  3. @knozaki2015
  4. @gavvet
  5. @charlieshrem
  6. @sirwinchester
  7. @thecryptofiend
  8. @ozchartart
  9. @ericvancewalton
  10. @papa-pepper

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any benefit for other steemit members @steemvoter


There are hundreds of unique accounts being voted using, the list above is just the top 10 most popular. Anyone can tell their followers to autovote their account using steemvoter, the above just have a captive following so are in top 10.