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By the powers vested in me as 'Secretary & Commander and Chief of TEAM AUSTRALIA', on this day; being the 20th Day of June, in the year of our Lord, Two Thousand and Seventeen - notice is hereby served to STEEMIT that the Nation of AUSTRALIA is now formally at WAR with the rest of the STEEMIT WORLD!

TEAM AUSTRALIA is now the ultimate power in the STEEMIT. In a committee of the joint chiefs, sponsors, executives, ambassadors and members it was unanimously decided that it is 'time we used it.'

With the rest of the world a disheveled mess,TEAM AUSTRALIA has set forth a new mission: to corner the flow of STEEM and conquer the world!!

Officials bearing witness to this Earth shattering event included:

Team Australia Official Steemit Witness: @ausbitbank
Team Australia Sponsors: @trafalgar; @crypto-investor; and, Handsome Stranger.
Executive Manager of Youth Development: @crypticus
Executive Managers of Marketing: @bearone; @marcfrvncis; and, @pvtrickheaton.
Celebrity Commentator: @joshsigurdson of World Alternative Media.

An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of Steemit Warfare

Let history never say that TEAM AUSTRALIA was cruel, callous, calculating or deceptive in its domination of the world that is STEEMIT. Our battle plan is as follows:

  1. WE will dominate you in color challenges.
  2. WE will destroy you in daily challenges.
  3. WE will obliterate you with our pretty flower photos.
  4. WE will astound you with our historical and geographical knoweledge.
  5. WE will amaze you with our Australian culture.
  6. WE will resonate upon you with our music, literature and theatre.
  7. YOU will submit to our foods, our creatures, our oceans, our architecture and our wide brown land.

However, there is one thing us Aussies despise... and that is a 'BULLY'. We are always the 'underdog!' And we always barrack for the underdog!! And at this very moment - the rest of you aren't even in the race.

As it would also be very 'Un-Australialian' of us not to give you a fighting chance, we offer you a 10 day armistice.

Nations of the World you have a mere 10 days to mobilise your forces. Come 1 July 2017 the battles begin!

Stand up now as proud citizens of your NATIONS; or, be lost forever in the annals of blockchain history.

The call-up:

TEAM UK - where the bloody hell are you? @tremendospercy
TEAM GERMANY - where the bloody hell are you? @thatgermandude
TEAM USA - where the bloody hell are you? @stackin @swenger @nedspeaks @imagin8orr
TEAM PHILIPPINES - where the bloody hell are you? @jeanelleybee @dreamiely
TEAM NEW ZEALAND - thought you clowns would have been all over this?? @biglipsmama

As parting gifts - (not like it will really matter) - you may forge your teams in #teamaustralia; and, our 3 new and extremely talented marketing managers will get you moving with new logos, banners and wartime paraphernalia.

Be sure to check out their latest blogs and up-vote - you really do want their services. You REALLY do!

This is the beginning of 'STEEM WARS'.

With thanks to @bearone for today's images.


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This is fantastic!! :D @sirknight I only started on Steemit yesterday, still learning my way around & will post my intro soon, but as a travel mad Brissie girl I hope I can be added to the growing ranks of #teamaustralia as you take up arms to Steemroller the world!
I have followed everyone that showed up in the TA members list so far & look forward to getting to grips with Steemit alongside this awesome Ozsquad. Cheers :)


Caught your intro Mel - very good - welcome to Team Australia! SirKnight.


Thanks very much good Sir! 👍


USA turn up late as usual 😂😂😂😂


Comment of the day. :)


Always late to the party. Be trying to take credit for the idea next! 😆😆


Up, up and away with @the-scuba-sherpa - until we meet in STEEM WARS - 'speedy recruiting'. SK.


That is awesome! Stars and Stripes Forever!


Good stuff @chrismiller - as a drummer playing in pub bands over many years I lost count of how many times we have done songs like this!? Cheers ;)

This is fantastic @sirknight


Thank you Mike - get yourself fit and ready for 'STEEM WARS'

Can we also have a team for extraterrestrials aka Aliens? ;) Can I be part of your team? I hope there is no eligibility criteria... :)


Will you be coming via space-ship, or a trans-dimensional gate?

Trust the Aussies to start an Steemit War!
Don't worry us clowns come together when it counts!

Bring it,
We'll be up,and running soon ready to get our arses handed to us at something other than Rugby, cricket etc etc 😂😂
As long as there is 🍺🍺🍺🍺 I'm happy.
Resteemed to the Brits to get them fired up.
Thanks dudes.

How did I miss this post last night?! Yayay!
Cheers for the shout out mate :)

Id like to do Team Philippines' graphics if they let me. Although I no longer hold citizenship its still my country of birth :) Im here if you need me ❤


Be sure to resteem bearone - too many Aussies have missed it. Must have been the time it was released. SK.


Go for it on Team Philippines!


Must have been. I kept checking cos I wanted to curate it :P Went to bed and was like wheres this thing :P resteemed 👍

This looks terribly fun!!!

Where's Team Canada?

This is exciting! Another great post mate! Patrick & I are in the bunkers designing as I type! Let's take over ;)

Loved your war declaration, always like your posts you said althoug I am not a Autralian I am aloud to comment so good luck from me in South Africa hope you win as we will probably not partisipate


Thanks bigbear - I appreciate the kind words. SK.

So sorry USA, but the aussies offered me a beach mansion if I would join their side! Foreign minister reporting for #teamaustralia

Great post man... I hate bullies too!! :]

this is simply a Genius move! challenge accepted! :D ...although I just started my jorney yesterday here, on this wonderful platform! I was already subed to your YT channel, now just got a new supporter on your blog! ;) keep up the good work! :)


Thanks Pedro - following you back.

Woot woot! #teamaustralia baybee! :)

Haha , this would have to be the first time the world has been threatened by the phrase
"We will obliterate you with our pretty flower photos"
Suffer in ya jocks rest of the world . :)
Good post @sirknight .


Thanks t2t - thought you would like that line. SK.

It's getting heated!! @tremendospercy

Go teamaustralia, lets not make it too fair. I want us to stay in first place!

You have a way with words mate. Lol


Thanks JS.

Always enjoy your humour SK! Go TeamAustralia

Completely missed even though I spent the whole day trolling steemit? Anyway this is great. Form up!


Yeah gets pretty busy here at Steemit... even teamaustralia is very busy. Thanks for the resteem. SK.

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Whoa, didn't expect this


I am sorry j-be - this is... STEEM WARS! SK.

Oh snap! The Gauntlet has been thrown!

You may have just woken a sleeping dragon.

I want to be on Team USA who should I contact?

sirknight ? does that mean someone in your history was an assisted immigrant?
did someone carried his ball onto the convict ship for him?

Bring it, Aussie!

We Germans are peaceful people that believe in justice, but if we go to war, we tend to get overzealous. :)

Let's see how the #deutsch community takes this declaration of war. If they accept, you better bring your best @sirknight! We Germans are crazy madashuckers when we have a plan.


Well nice to see you get off your deck chair mate and join the STEEM WAR. Hoping you will have a team update for me tomorrow. See the latest in STEEM WAR news here...

Haha. Maybe Australia shouldn't have given up its guns then?

@sirknight how can I get more involved? Am I doing enough for my country?
I am asking not what my country can do for me, but what I... wait, that's an American thing.
We shall fight on the competitions, we shall fight on the upvotes... no, that's English.
We need a good war motivation speech.

Seeing as I see no overt signs of hate nor malice I...a simple and peace loving sort...approve of this war.

~may all hatred cease...let there be peace~

and would someone pass me a jug duties here have expired



Better to fight with pictures of flowers than with guns I say. Have a great day cryptologx and thanks for popping in. SK.


@sirknight John Lennon is writing a song with your words...I have no doubt of it...he'd might also be thinking...give the bloke his jug mate...but hey...maybe I'm just thirsty eh? } ;-)>


Thanks for the laugh mate. Following and hope to see you round Team Australia more often. SK.