Steemwatch: MCaaS # 7 - August 7th 2017

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Steemwatch : MCaaS (Manual Curation as a Service) Gives you 3 ways to earn; Be a Featured Author, Nominate Authors, or Delegate SP to @steemwatch.

This service provides the reader with a daily collection of fresh content created by lesser known authors. Return each day for more thought provoking and entertaining posts you will find yourself sharing with your friends and family. Like Steemit you can even get paid for taking part in the project.

Featured Authors and Posts


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New in Steemit and Hello Steemians. Please let me introduce myself.


To qualify for SBD rewards either:

  • Donate or Delegate SteemPower to @steemwatch.
  • Upvote and ReSteem Steemwatch : MCaaS post + nominate a post in comments section.

The Rewards Distribution:

25% SBD - Delegators to @steemwatch
25% SBD - Curation Team
50% SBD - @steemwatch


STEEM/SBD - @steemwatch
BTC - 1GHYmMTxgxv2HRpZX5WStoTYkNsXN2Zxm9
ETH - 0xc203b4d1d17dab68c25e7983203e95a5efd5a688

Follow @steamwatch for hand picked articles delivered to your home page.

Join the Curation Team and nominate Authors/Articles in the comments.

Delegate SteemPower and receive your share of the daily Rewards.

@steemwatch MCaaS is an sponsered ADSactly Open Value Network (OVN)

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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@steemwatch - rewards break down for Steemwatch: MCaaS # 7 - August 7th 2017

Curation Team 25% -

Delegators 25% -

Can some one please ..Explain what does it mean ...

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