All Steem products look to be a GREAT BUY!!!

3년 전

Hello from Chicago. I’m new to the Steemit community. Former trader here. I’ve been following the crypto markets for a few years now. Applying my equities trading strategies to these markets have been very profitable. In the days to come I will be posting my findings on here dealing with Steem. Right now their products are at a great entry price. As we all know, community involvement is what fuels crypto markets and Steem’s strategy for community involvement is innovative and, in my opinion SECOND TO NONE. What’s a better way to get the global community rocking and rolling than a social media site where we not only share ideas and information on everything, but also on this specific currency. Using my technical and fundamental trading prowess, I am predicting we see Steem hit over 5,000 in the intermediate term, which, in this context means the next six month to two years. Positioning yourself now at these levels and having the patience of a meditating monk may just yield you millions almost overnight. When (not if) it happens, shoot your buddy Amalgorythm (that’s me) a few coins for the advice. You’re welcome!!!

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