Steemworld - Just discovered a great feature showing the Steem and other tokens as well


One of the daily tools that I am using is without a doubt steemworld. It simply unifies everything I could need to have a clear image on my steem activity and it aggregates in such a user friend way all the information. But, I mostly use some common features each day like Account Operations, Coming Rewards - Author and Curation, Account Creator and that would be pretty much.


But today I was exploring a little bit more and looking to my Balance I observed a new button near the usual STEEM one - TOKENS. Pressing it I was positively surprised that it would should be all the tokens that I would only see on steem-engine. I can see the balance and staked amounts and also with the rewards and USD value for each of it. That's a pretty great view and having this centralized place to see the value for all my tokens is quite something I was missing. Hopefully this features helps you as well.

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Very cool info ! I’ll check it out :)

I like that I can claim all my Tokens there with just one click!

Thanks for using eSteem!
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