SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #6

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This post is intended to cover the server costs for and to enable me to continue my development in the future.

In case you missed the first part:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1


Dieser Post ist dafür gedacht die Serverkosten für zu decken und mir in Zukunft weitere Entwicklungen zu ermöglichen.

Falls du den ersten Teil verpasst haben solltest:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1

What a week

I think the same header as for last week fits to this one too. The phase of capitulation might soon be reached. The market feels dead, the number of BTC sellers is reaching moons and many short time investors were hit by a hard bear punch. What a wonderful day this is, I tell you. All the weak hands have been cleared and we now have the possibility to buy STEEM for under a dollar.

What could be better than that? Never forget: One STEEM is still one STEEM no matter how deep the journey will take us. It's the last test and it's testing all of us to the fullest. I won't let me bring down by these temporary market moves and to be honest, I'm glad that it happened exactly how it went. Markets need to cool down after a huge rally to be able to reach new highs. As long as there is SP in my account I can pay part of my bills with temporary Power Downs.

There is no better blockchain than Steem and after reading the post about the upcoming Hardfork 20 I'm even more impressed than ever before. Steemit and all the other involved freaks out there are doing a great job! I could never understand why people call them 'stinc' and at the same time use their products every day. Many don't have any clue about what exactly is happening in background and tend to jump on trains of the dumb masses without knowing the real destination.

What a positive impression their childish behaviour may leave to external investors. Please come to Steemit. I don't like it, but I'm always here to talk badly about genius developers and the team. The front-end is by far not all what they are working on and maybe the decision at the beginning to use ReactJS for building a social media site plays an essential role too...

I hope that we all can work together more and we will concentrate on the good things, the things that lead us to spend our time here daily. Thank you for all the votes and comments which I've received in my last post! I'm no longer able to vote each of them as I normally do because my VP would go to zero, guys :) If I should have missed a question and you didn't receive an answer from me, please try again in this one.

I wish you all a wonderful week!


I'm still in the process of optimizing my code and I'm glad that the page is now loading three to four times faster already. I hope that I will soon find some time to tweak it for mobile devices and for implementing a responsive design for phones and small tablets.


A few new settings for improving the performance are already there but I need to change some more things, so that no more lagging will occur on older machines.


As I'm really paranoid regarding security on the internet, I've added an image filter for images that are coming from insecure domains. Sources with tracking parameters will be converted before they are being added to the page document ( 'image1.jpg?param=123&tid=xyz' becomes 'image1.jpg' ). I hope other front-ends will do the same, but I'm not so sure about that. If you are wondering why I don't use any markup for content like incoming comments etc., now you know.

It's interesting to see how many people still use 'http://' image sources...

If you don't want to use the new security feature, you can deactivate it in settings:

Power Down & Withdrawal Routes

New buttons in the Account Balances section:

Starting a Power Down:

The 'Stop Power Down' button will be enabled when a Power Down is active:

Most people might not know this Steem feature, but it is possible to define routes for vesting withdrawals. When you make a Power Down you can add routes to other Steem accounts, so that they will receive a portion of the withdrawal. When the option 'Receive Vests' is active, the target account will receive vesting shares (SP, without conversion) instead of liquid STEEM:

By clicking the 'Edit' button you can directly edit the desired route. The available free percentage will automatically be calculated and the maximum range for the slider will be set:

Add new route:

Show incoming routes:

Small changes

New setting for minnows to see all amounts with three decimal places:

The 'Add Delegation' button is now in the Delegations section:

I hope that I didn't forget to mention any important changes here. As always, a very busy week...


EN  |  What is SteemWorld?
-> Welcome to!

DE  |  Was ist SteemWorld?
-> Willkommen auf!

Thank you for supporting my work!

Positive thoughts create a positive world. It all begins with connecting our thoughts with emotions. We are the creators of our world.

Much Love,

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Lieber Chiller,

ich hoffe, es geht dir gut! Wir haben ja länger nicht direkt zueinander geschrieben.

Ich hab' eine Kleinigkeit:
Bei Settings habe ich unter "Page Scroll Over Lists" nach wie vor "Prevent" eingestellt. Die Seite haut aber seit kurzem trotzdem nach oben oder nach unten ab, wenn der Listenanfang oder das Listenende erreicht ist, und man nicht sofort mit dem Scrollen aufhört. Erst bleibt die Liste kurz stehen, aber dann haut sie ab.
Ich glaube, da hast du eine Kleinigkeit verändert. Ich finde aber, dass es vorher angenehmer war.
Vielleicht täusche ich mich ja auch, und es verhielt sich schon immer so. Ich wollt's dir auf jeden Fall mal sagen.
Ich fänd's toll, wenn Seite stehen bleiben würde, wenn man sich mit der Maus über einer Liste befindet und scrollt.

Lieben Gruß, @double-u


Moin @double-u,

es geht mir inzwischen wieder ganz gut. Es gab da so ein paar Ereignisse in meinem Leben, die ich erstmal verarbeiten musste, aber an sich bin ich wieder ganz okay. Alkohol kann sehr gefährlich sein und vermutlich ist er einer der Hauptgründe für viele Probleme in der Welt. Es kann so viel Spaß machen sich mal richtig abzuschießen und die Nacht mit Freunden am Lagerfeuer unter einem wunderschönen Sternenhimmel zu verbringen, aber es kann einen auch ganz schön in die andere Richtung ziehen, wenn man sich nicht mehr unter Kontrolle hat und auf eine Treppenstufe tritt, die gar nicht existiert...

Ich bin auf jeden Fall die letzten Tage dabei mit einem gebrochenen Fuß meinen Alltag zu meistern und heute kann ich endlich wieder einigermaßen auftreten. Eigentlich war die Woche zum Entspannen gedacht gewesen, aber das muss ich jetzt wohl etwas später nachholen. Alkohol ist für mich erstmal raus und es wird Zeit endlich mal wieder gemütlich einen durchzuziehen. Chiller 4 life ~

Danke für deine Nachricht und der Info zu dem 'Page Scroll Over Lists' Problem. Ich habe sehr viel in meinem Code optimiert in letzter Zeit und dabei habe ich etwas übersehen. Es sollte jetzt wieder wie gewohnt funktionieren ;)

LG, Chiller


Alkohol ist keine Droge, sondern ein Programm mit Absturzgarantie. Du hast bei allem Vergnügen vollkommen vergessen, deinen Chiller–Unterstützungspost rauszuhauen, lieber @steemchiller. Das ist viel wichtiger, als darüber nachzudenken, was du dir als nächstes zwischen die Synapsen donnerst.

Dann würde ich an deiner Stelle auch mal darüber nachdenken, was es bedeutet, dass du in Serie an den Knochen verletzt bist. Wir brauchen dich, Mann! Du bist meine Geheimwaffe, abseits aller Steemit–Wichtigmänner. In Gegensatz zu den Bröckchen die sie bewegen, schiebst du eine Art Hinkelstein über den Steem der schwerer wiegt, als alles andere was ich in der Richtung Steemtools bisher beobachten konnte.

Hau deinen Post raus Mann!. Ich will dich endlich wieder unterstützen.


Guten Morgen, lieber Chiller!

Ohje, das hört sich ja gar nicht gut an.
Ich wünsch' dir gute und schnelle Besserung!

Ja, der Alkohol ist tückisch. Ich trinke nur noch ganz ganz selten mal ein Bierchen. Auf Dauer geht's mir ohne Alkohol deutlich besser.

Gutes Entspannen wünsch' ich dir auch! ;-)

Ja, super! Das "Prevent" bei "Page Scroll Over Lists" funktioniert wieder, wie es sein soll. Vielen Dank dafür!

Liebe Grüße, @double-u

I am amazed how you always come up with new and improved features. Simply amazing.

And yes, I did notice the faster page load. Much faster.

Full upvote and resteem is in order, as always!

Hey! Never new about those Power Down routes. Thanks!

BTW, can you add a call for SBD to STEEM conversion as this feature is deactivated on most steemit frontends.


I have never been using the conversion feature on Steemit. Is there any benefit over using the normal market orders? I've planned to add kind of an one-click market buy/sell feature in the coming weeks, so that one can immediately buy/sell SBD without the need of visiting the market.

Maybe that would be a better solution for direct conversions?


Maybe that would be a better solution for direct conversions?
I'm afraid not.

  1. Conversion destroy SBD and create new STEM tokens.
  2. It protects SBD from dropping down significantly below 1$
  3. It resolves debt steem blockchain owes to SBD holders.

Well SBD is below $1 now, so conversion is definitely back in play.

It's also the main way SBD is removed from circulation so the debt ratio can go down. Selling it on the market just moves it between users.


Thanks for the info!

Selling it on the market just moves it between users.

I've never thought about this, but then it really makes sense to have such a conversion feature. I'm going to implement it in the coming days. Maybe I should only enable it when SBD is trading below 1 USD...


Nice job. This may be one of the greatest selling points for steemworld since steemit inc don't seem to be re-enabling this function. I have been writing about the debt issue recently and may promote your site for this feature once you are ready.

Even though I don't understand half of the tech details you mentioned, I agree with you. If all you do is complain about how bad the platform is, without helping to fix what you don't like, why are you here?


Also if you don't buy STEEM now , at it's lowest point since 1 year , why are you here?

Awesome! I really appreciate how fast loads now, SteemWorld has been one of the best tools for Steemit and I use it everyday. Keep up the good work @steemchiller 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Wenn Du so weiter machst, werde ich mit dem Tool eines Tages auch meine Tracks produzieren können...! ;-) ;-)
Full Vote und Resteem sind Pflicht!


Vielen Dank! Ich weiß nicht womit du arbeitest, aber so ein 'Start Reason...' Button wär' schon nice ja... ^^


Ich arbeite mit Cubase von Steinberg ;-)
Bin gespannt, wann der Start DAW Button kommt!!! ;-)


English please....

Thank you for this great update post @steemchiller.

"I'm even more impressed than ever before. Steemit and all the other involved freaks out there are doing a great job! I could never understand why people call them 'stinc' and at the same time use their products every day. Many don't have any clue about what exactly is happening in background and tend to jump on trains of the dumb masses without knowing the real destination."

Still pretty new to our Steem Community, but I've been here long enough to read some of the posts to which you are referring.

Your refutation of them, coming from a developer who has created such value for the rest of us with your SteemWorld app, should carry a lot of weight.

An old saying is ...

"... all I can do is all I can do ..."

... so letting you know, while leaning that way, reading your post this afternoon encouraged me to buy some more STEEM (my upvote of your next weekly update will be worth more ...) "while there is blood in the streets" and hoping with you and many others, there are brighter days ahead.

Keep "fighting the good fight" @steemchiller! 👍

Nice job as usual @steemchiller! Can you explain a bit more about this for me please?

It's interesting to see how many people still use 'http://' image sources...

and why you have "No HTTP.." Thanks :)


The HTTPS protocol works nearly the same as the old HTTP but it is + S (Secure). Data being sent over the HTTPS ports are being encrypted, so that no external 'watcher' is able to read the content that goes through our cables. For images this is not 100% true but it is for a few other reasons recommended to use it for them too.

You may have noticed that for most today's sites there is a green lock in the address bar of your browser:

(Firefox example)

If I would load an image on SteemWorld that does not come from an HTTPS domain the green lock would change to a yellow or red one and by clicking on it there would show up a hint stating 'This page is not secure'. To avoid this I'm filtering non-HTTPS sources on the page.

Many people copied the link to their profile picture (pointing to an old HTTP source) into the Public Profile Settings on Steemit. Here is how it should look like (example from my profile):


Thank you so much for taking the time out to clarify that for me and other here @steemchiller! And for keeping it simple haha Now I totally get it :)


Yeah, couldn't be much simpler than that I guess... ^^ Always a pleasure for me to make you smile 😁


aww that's sweet @steemchiller; thank you!

Love the new profile pic by the way! I meant to say that earlier :) Have a great week!


OK... Hope to smile again


Thanks, this is educating...

we love chilling with @steemchiller now lets buy some steem while its down ;P


Yeah, believe me, I really need to chill out ;) Has been a long time...

as always @steemchiller, as you biggest fan I love this. Correct me if I am wrong, but powering down to other accounts was previously only possible if you had a wallet right? You are really making steemit life easy for all of us.

Good work my dear! Full upvote!

Thanks, as always, for bringing us this great app — I have it open every time I am doing anything on Steemit.

Yes, I am also hoping we are in the "capitulation" stage with the markets. Seems to me we might be. Hopefully some of the "gamblers" and "speculators" will just pack it in and go home, so the actual investors who buy BTC and other tokens are the ones looking for appreciation of their investments in the long term.

Thanks again for a great initiative @steemchiller!


I'll really like it if can tell me about tokens and airdrops... I see it like almost everyday everywhere now...

Du wuppst einen grandiosen Job, lieber Chiller und ich sehe sogar die Ansätze der Werkzeuge heranwachsen, von denen ich schon einmal geträumt habe.

Was ich aber jetzt Mal ganz besonders loben muss (Fanfaren: schmetter–tröt–quietsch – oh Pardon!), ist die Optimierung des Follower Handlings. Herzlichen Dank, @steemchiller. Endlich, endlich, endlich ist die lästige Verzögerung nach dem Klicken der Buttons beseitigt. Du bist mein ganz persönlicher Steem–Held!

Die von der Steemit Inc. sind natürlich auch ganz große Klasse. Aber die spielen in einer ganz anderen Liga, als du und ich. Wer Bayern München mag, liebt vielleicht auch diese Leute und STINC heißen sie ja nur, weil sich die Bezeichnung unserem ewig brabbelnden, despektierlichen Lästermaul einfach viel zu gefällig anbietet. Du musst solche Leute nicht in Schutz nehmen! Sie schaffen in einer millionenschweren Firma, die ganz sicher keine Geschenke verteilt. Es sind keine einsam kämpfenden, coolen Code–Ninjas die nach außen hin so tun, als wäre ihr Job nur chillig.

Selbstverständlich 100%, danke für deinen Effort! :)

Mir ist aufgefallen dass doch eigentlich etwas fehlt auf einer steemworld Seite: Das Profilbild des gerade geöffneten Profils :). Vielleicht sollte man das hinzufügen ;)
Edit: gibt es irgendwo eine genaue Erklärung wie der Voting CSI berechnet wird?


Das Profilbild soll in Zukunft oben im VP-Kreis als Hintergrund angezeigt werden. Ich hatte die Idee in einem meiner Posts mal angesprochen und etwa 60% der User würden das mögen, 40% würde es stören, daher werde ich das einstellbar machen.

Gibt es irgendwo eine genaue Erklärung wie der Voting CSI berechnet wird?

Noch nicht :) Ich werde den Wert für verschiedene Accounts in den nächsten Tagen/Wochen erstmal beobachten und die Logik bei Bedarf noch anpassen. Wenn ich zufrieden damit bin, werde ich die Formel veröffentlichen ;)

Auf jeden Fall ist es wie eine Art Punktzahl zu sehen und daher je höher desto besser. Den größten CSI, den ich bisher gesehen habe, hat @ausbitbank mit 64.8


Ich habe gerade, zufällig, einen sehr viel höheren CSI entdeckt :D
@minnowsupport hat 119.4. Das ist noch eine ganze Menge mehr :)
Edit: @roelandp hat sogar 195.8 xD


maybe a little error display of the repuation onsite of steemworld.
( 72 on steemworld and on steemit its 62. )

thanks for the follow ;-)

Just got the prompt to refresh! :-)
Love the new mouse over boxes that
shows user info and picture!

Thank you @steemchiller 🌏 rules!
I fully support your wonderful steem tool!
and I try to post these weekly support links on
most of my postings for others to see!

Awesome work and much appreciated! ❤

All the weak hands have been cleared and we now have the possibility to buy STEEM for under a dollar.

Yes, this is awesome. I fought with myself the last couple of days of trading the last of my meager investment in another coin to Steem, and bit the bullet and did it just a little bit ago.

I appreciate what you do here more than most I am guessing, as I don't do Discord so don't have access to the Ginabot. Your Steemworld is my Ginabot. Ialso think that what you are doing here is proof that the unique concept of Steem works. You do this service for us, and in turn those of us who aren't greedy f***s thank you and are able to pay you for your effort and out of pocket expenditures by something as simple as an upvote. I hope that as the weeks go by you are able to make a decent profit from all you do here, although I understand this wasn't your intent. For many of us here like myself, you provide probably the single most valuable tool for Steemit and the chain.

Not that I see myself powering down, but thanks for the tip on being able to add different accounts to benefit.

You're doing some very good work with steemworld. Today I am giving your SBD -> STEEM conversion function a test run. Is this a newer addition. I did get an error but it seems to have gone through.

Are you contactable via Discord?


Thanks! Yes, it's a new feature. Do you remember the error text or can it be that it just was a hint 'Conversion started' at the top of the page?

I'm not on Discord yet, but you can reach me here via comment or on ;)

I liked you optimistic comments about the current market drop. You motivate me to not give up on Steemit.

The new 3 decimal places feature is very thoughtful. Thanx!

Thanks Again @steemchiller for such an awesome tool. I am loving it. The more I use it, the more I like it. And just today after a week of using it, I learned about the mentions tabs. And I now realized that I have missed a couple of my mentions, which is taken care of now. All thanks to you.

A Suggestion - The Tool is awesome and very user-friendly but a Help tab which explains all the features would be very helpful

Thank you @steemchiller: your enthusiasm for the steem blockchain is amazing and I'm impressed for your constant effort to improve what is already the most interesting front end!

A huge hug from @amico!

Excellent tool that deserves all the support and all the votes. I do not know what my life in Steemit would be without the support of Steemworld. Keep going with that wonderful work. Greetings from Venezuela!.

New setting for minnows to see all amounts with three decimal places:

Yes! I love this feature! The two decimal places and all the rounding have tripped me up for a long time. Soon after I joined Steemit, when STEEM and SBD were worth more, I had checked Steemnow's upvote calculator to know how much SP would be needed to be able to give a 0.01 upvote, and the calculator started showing 0.01 around 25 SP. But it turned out 25 SP only gave a 0.005 upvote, and Steemit, Busy, Steemnow and every other interface rounded the number up and displayed it as 0.01. So, 25 SP only gave half of what the number showed!

The same kind of thing happens when people try to give an upvote so that a post or comment's rewards can get above the dust threshold of 0.02 (rewards below this value don't pay out), but the UIs keep rounding numbers from 1.015 to 1.019 and displaying them as 0.02. This leads people to think they're handing out 0.02 upvotes when in fact the votes are in the range of 0.015 to 0.019. If the post or comment doesn't get any more upvotes (more common for comments because they don't get as much visibility and as many upvotes as posts), the rewards just won't pay out at all and the votes will simply be wasted.

A 0.005 value may not mean much to bigger users, but for minnows and plankton it makes a huge difference. Thank you for implementing this feature! Now the rounding up shouldn't deceive us anymore.

I so agree. The recent downturns have hopefully weeded out more of those who aren't doing anything for the platform anyway, and as Steemit can only be better off without them, that is likely to be better for all of us.

And I'm definitely adding more Steem while it's down.

Thanks so much for this project - you've made it 1000% easier to delegate, which is mostly what I have used it for to date, and I love the many features you are bringing to the table. Wonderful work!

Thanks, @steemchiller, for all you do and for the pep talk. There is a difference between always complaining but never helping, and using constructive criticism with suggestions to help change or fix things. I hope to be on the side of the latter the more I get to understanding more of what's going on under the hood. We'll see how long that takes.

Keep on keeping on. :)

I could never understand why people call them 'stinc' and at the same time use their products every day

I share the same sentiment. Why ot run your own witness server? I think most (?) of the steem witnesses do that. I think you bring value to the STEEM table so having your own witness should help you cover for those costs.

I am dedicating my contest to you as a thank you for your awesome service.

Swinging the @OneLoveDTube trail your way now!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Exquisite! Thanks for your work!

Keep up the great work!!

Thank you very much for running such a smooth and excellent app here on steemit that is vital for every user daily! What sucks for people like yourself is that you hear only when things don't work. Well you are doing a heck of a job because when I first started using this daily around the first of the year I have yet to have a problem with it, which is impressive because tech really doesn't like me, haha. Wonderful job keep up the great work @steemchiller!

Thanks for your constant effort, @steemchiller
In particular, I love the addition of the New setting for minnows to see all amounts with three decimal places: I find it very useful!

Now the page is really loading fast... impressive.

Thank you @steemchiller

Thank you very much.



another grest update. ty for what you do. u have no idea what it means to me :)

Hello @steemchiller, an other 100% from mr too :)
Question: I noticed that delegators are now arranged in alphabetical order rather that by delegation date, is it on purpose?


Yes, that is one change I didn't mention in my post. I thought it would be a good idea to see them in alphabetical order, but since a few people seem to like it more when they are being ordered by date I will add a possibility to change that. Maybe I can make the tables sortable so that the data would be sorted by clicking on the desired column header.



Indeed I have just done exactly as you mentioned and invested in some shiny new STEEM!

One thing I use a lot in your awesome tool is the delegations option as I like to sponsor delegators through @steembasicincome as a "thank you". However since the update the order of delegations is no long in reverse date/time order or did I click on something I shouldn't have done?

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 13.53.36.png

Thank you and remember to take some time for yourself!


Yes, that is one change I didn't mention in my post. I thought it would be a good idea to see them in alphabetical order, but since a few people seem to like it more when they are being ordered by date I will add a possibility to change that. Maybe I can make the tables sortable so that the data would be sorted by clicking on the desired column header.


Being able to click on the column headings to sort would be great! Thank you for your reply.


Sorry I also noticed that if I look at all operations for yesterday it shows a delegation coming in but if I select "delegations" it doesn't show anything?

Not sure if I am misunderstanding the 2 delegation sections and doing something wrong?

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 13.59.59.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 14.00.18.png


Thanks for your bug report! It should work now ;)

Thank you, Mr. @steemchiller, for keeping this application up to date at no cost for the small user.

Hey @steemchiller break this up into 3 posts and you'll get 3 times as many votes for your great contribution to STEEM.

Ich grüsse dich @steemchiller

Bei mir kam gerade auf die Info von Version 6

Ich habe sie bestätigt und seit dem fehlen mir 3 Stunden,
dazu muss ich sagen das ich in Uruguay 3 Stunden hinter UTC bin?

Kurz davor wahren noch die Infos der letzen 3 Stunden da.
Hatte Outvotes, habe auch mehrmals neu geladen falls es am Browser liegt. KA

Habe gerade mal mit Steemd verglichen da sind die Votes und auch die Votepower anders

EDIT: jetzt ist es da !!!!!!!! OK IO Super


Vielen Dank für die Info @ennosan! Ich war auch gerade zufällig beim Testen einiger Nodes dabei und die Buildteam-Node scheint heute ihre Tage zu haben. Habe jetzt die Std.-Node auf die rpc2.steemviz gestellt, aber ich brauche unbedingt eine bessere Lösung für solche Probleme.

Habe auch schon eine Idee... Dann mal wieder an die Arbeit :)


Ich habe da noch etwas @steemchiller!

Wenn ich dir einen Vorschlag machen dürfte, dazu muss ich aber erst kurz ausholen.

Ich habe viele Jahre als Webmaster gearbeitet und hatte dabei auch Foren die recht gut besucht wahren. Diese Foren haben die Miete für Server und co. immer eingespielt. Ich hatte lediglich 4 Bannerplätze vermietet 2 oben 2 unten im Format 468x60 Pixel. Und ab und an bei Sonderrationen ein Design Branding auf den Hintergrund gelegt.

Da du unumstritten der Platzhirsch bist was Steemit Internetseiten angeht,
solltest du mit demselben Model deine Serverkosten und wahrscheinlich noch einen kleinen Obolus locker einspielen können!

Ich habe grundsätzlich Jahresverträge gemacht und
oben rechts 400
oben links 300
unten Links 200
und unten rechts 100 EURO pro Monat verlangt und auch erhalten.

Mit 1000 Euro im Monat lässt sich ein Server gut bezahlen.
Ich gehe sogar davon aus, dass du mehr verlangen kannst
da du eine viel größere Reichweite hast als ich damals mit den Foren!
Glaube mir Firmen sind bereit für gute Werbeplätze wie auf deiner Seite zu bezahlen.

Obendrauf kann man noch eines setzen, wenn eine Firme eine Action macht kann man ein Hintergrundbrandig für eine gewisse Zeit vermieten sowas bringt einen nochmals 500 bis 1000 Euro im Monat.

Sie werden am Anfang knausern und feilschen wollen, dir mit Ideen von wegen pro klick und so kommen, strickt nein sagen und ab zum nächsten, es gibt genug die Ihre Werbung gut untergebracht sehen wollen und auch dafür bereit sind gut zu bezahlen!

Und ich für meinen Teil,
sehe lieber 4 Werbebanner auf der Steemworld als keine Steemworld!!!


Kein Problem mein guter dafür gibt es ja die Community!

aber ich brauche unbedingt eine bessere Lösung für solche Probleme

Eigener Fullnodeserver auf den nur du zugreifst? Was aber wieder Geld kostet, oder du baust dir den untern Schreibtisch?!?!?!

We so appreciate your hard work and the fabulous SteemWorld tool! My 100% upvote isn't worth much, but you have it, and I am hawking your post to get others to upvote! 💜

I agree that this is a great time to invest in steem! I would love to invest some fiat, but have not yet found a way I'm comfortable doing so since I do not like the idea of connecting a bank account to an exchange..Steemworld is truly one of the most comprehensive tools available on the blockchain and I really appreciate your work. I always resteem when I catch your weekly post.

Ein wirklich herausragendes Werkzeug, das du uns an die Hand gibst. Mehr als 100% und ein Resteem kann ich dir nicht geben.


I don't always want to comment, but then I feel that maybe you will not see that I gave you my (meagre) upvote - I do not like the idea of you thinking I do not appreciate all you do. Do you check who upvoted you?


Don't worry, Arthur, I see all your votes and I am very thankful for your support ;)

Very good friend I've been testing it since I saw your first post, I liked it a lot, I had some doubts about its functions but you've already clarified them thank you very much
A big hug from Venezuela
Greetings @steemchiller

Thanks for continuing to maintain the best Steemit app!

Thank you @steemchiller I'm going to add a rule in steemvoter for your posts :)
SteemWorld is indispensable for me, great job!! 🎉

We're not worthy really doesnt cover it.
You rock.

Can we get the price in satoshis on the steem info page so we dont have to follow the link?


Thanks for your donations! Now I know what you mean :)
Will see what I can do to make it configurable...


Good deal, thanks.

I have only used SteemWorld for a couple of weeks, but have been impressed with it thus far. I greatly appreciate your hard-work. Thank you


Hi, Mr. r2cornell, it's nice to see you

Danke, für deine Mühen und die vielen Arbeitsstunden die Du in "Steemworld" steckst. Besonders hat mich heute die Anzeigemöglichkeit der dritten Dezimalstelle gefreut, danke nochmal insbesondere dafür!

Oh, thank you very much for sharing this fantastic tool and I will start reading your previous posts, thank you very much, it is very helpful to be able to find new things
Steemit the truth is a paradise which you have to keep discovering

great job steemchiller. I admire your work

Freut mich das deine Update-Post so gut belohnt werden :-)

Again and again: Thank you @steemchiller for your the best of the best steemit service!

Thanks for all your hard work on this incredible tool. :-D Appreciate it greatly.

I’m sure that I speak for many when I say that your site is indispensable.

Thanks @steemchiller again, again and again. 3 decimal places - super, incoming routes - cool, settings for improving the performance on my old machine is super cool :-)
One wish, keep on!

Love ya work mate and the updates you have done and time spent. Many thanks again

A follow-up to my previous comment about decimal places and rounding.

I've just noticed there's rounding up with three decimal places too. I have 30.656 SP and my vote value shows as 0.002. But if I simulate with the SP value multiplied by 1,000 (30,656 SP), the resulting upvote value is around 1.850, which divided back by 1,000 gives 0.00185 (not 0.002).

I know this may be nitpicking, but what do you think? A difference too small for us to bother, or is it worth bothering?


Thank you for your investigations :) The question is what would be more correct for a value of 0.00185. Without rounding the result would be 0.001, so the difference to the real value is larger than for the case of round it up to 0.002 .

Of course I could add the option to set it to 4 decimal places...


I was thinking maybe add an option for one more decimal place, and/or an option to disable rounding in case anyone wants to see the values "unrounded."


Okay, I added two new options for being able to set it to four or five decimal places ;)


Oh, that was very quick! Thank you! It's working great! :)


It is working correctly...


I'm not saying that it's broken. My point is that the way all the user interfaces round the numbers up can be quite misleading, as I stated in my first comment (when trying to upvote a comment to get it above the dust threshold, for example). The three decimal places feature in SteemWorld gives us a better idea of our upvote value, but rounding is still there.

So, it seems the easiest way to find out our "unrounded" upvote value is still to multiply our SP by 1,000 then divide the resulting simulated upvote value by 1,000, because no interface shows the value without rounding it up.

Supported: Upvoted and Re-steemed !!
Thanks a lot for your work.

Clear example money is needed to run this service.
Apart from money, your time to make sure it is up and running
is capital.
Thank you and thanks for reminding us to pitch in.
Good job.

I don't know where else to go for asking this question.

The power wheel at left top of page, is showing that I have zero (0) power and need 8 days to power up. However, when I upvote, I still give 2c it seems your prog has a glitch?

Sorry to hassle you with this problem


I left the above despite solving the problem. It was not a glitch your side, my pc re-started with the wrong date and I did not notice it. That was quite a weird experience :)

Than you so much for the awesome tool you provide all the community @steemchiller. Can you please add a post schedule tool and automatic voting as well?


@steemchiller I'm so happy you have that pop up on steemworld! I would so never have known who takes care of that site! I'm more than happy to give you 100% upvote. I use your site every day. Thank you so much!! :).

My God! How come I did not know that till now? Upvoted and resteemed!

Alter,du könntest den letzten Dreck posten würdest von mir trotzdem ein upvote bekommen. Warum? Deine bisherigen Leistungen ( sind der Hammer. Danke, danke und danke.

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Keep up the good work already am a fan of it :)

Thanks @steemchiller for getting better and better every week. Now I can se 3 decimal places which is super cool.
Again Thanks for keeping it working...

Thank you for posting @steemchiller.

Steemworld is the best. ^__^


Thanks for all the hard work, still the best tool for keeping track of steemit.

Great job! Thank you and happy to see the community it supporting your work.

The big bummer is for those of us who bought just recently at steem=$1.30, but maybe another investment in a week will be just at the bottom...;)

Hi @steemchiller.

I have not updated the version. Look at this window (Diego Padilla) you do not want to remove it. It's the first time it happens to me.

then change the user. and it is fixed.


Thanks for the info! The bug has already been fixed for the coming version ;)

I am one of your biggest fans! I love what you do and I support you 100% Seems like the only ones left on steemit nowadays are the hard core steemers and the spam... the rest are taking a break until the price goes up.


WOW @steemchiller, the site loads very quickly now!
Great work - as always!

Thanks for everything you do for us, matey!

Thanks for all that you do. Your service is greatly appreciated

I actually can't see how to use some of your new features. I am using version 6. Equally, you have my upvote, of course. I use this website almost daily so...

Thank you very much for all your hard work!

Keep well and try to chill out some time.


Thanks for the valuable work!

Absolutely worth a 100% upvote! Nice work @steemchiller.

Thank you for all your work. Upvoted and about to resteem...

Thank you for your hard work @steemchiller! Upvoted 100%. Sorry, my SP is still small. Hope will grow in time.

Happy to support your work on this great app @steemchiller! I'm not sure people mean anything bad by calling Steemit "STINC;" to me it is just an abbreviation of "Steemit, Inc." referring to the group that oversee the growth and promotion of the platform. But I realize a lot of people aren't as "neutral" in the way they use the word.

Best regards!


The moment I read a comment from one of the Steemit devs stating something like 'Would be nice if you wouldn't call us stinc', it became clear to me that it is indeed a problem and I as deep thinker started to think about all this ;)

  ·  3년 전

Your efforts are remarkable my friend. is the finest tool to give an insight of the everything related to steemit account.

Haces un excelente trabajo, cada voto es bien merecido

Hey, do you have a witness I don't know about?


Not yet ;)

Immer wieder nur Danke und weiter so.

Steemworld is still the first page I hit every day!

What you do is great. I'm following you.

Thank you, my friend @steemchiller for all you do!

Thank you !!

Danke für dieses geile Tool, mach bitte weiter so👍

You always got my support my @steemchiller, I wish next week i can support more shares for you.

Thank you for providing this great tool!

The best use I can do with my upvote is give it to this service. Thank you for your hard work :).

Steemworld es una excelente herramienta; su ayuda es verdaderamente útil y eficiente. Agradecido por su aporte y esfuerzo, @steemchiller.

Thank you for this amazing product.
I use it everyday and now I try to support it each day.


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Do you know, you can also earn daily passive income simply by delegating your Steem Power to voteme by clicking following links: 10SP, 25SP, 50SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1000SP, 5000SP.

great pop-up!! thank you for making this and thank you for that pop-up so I don't forget!!

Thank you for keeping SteemWorld up and running. Myself and many others I know would not be able to function and prosper the way we do without your website. Blessings my friend.

Thanks for providing a essential service 😁

I'm not the first to appreciate your huge amount of work I will continue to support you (with my little wallet) you're great!

Great stuff @steemchiller!

I've noticed Steemworld running faster this past week, nice!

I'm wondering if you could add a few fields to the Follows/Followers screens, and perhaps a sort?

Last Post / Last Comment / Last Vote / vested SP

Are some fields I can think of to give an indication of the account, and if they are still producing content?

Thanks again for this wonderful tool!


ahhh now you're thinking Asher! Great suggestion :) I've been putting off cleaning up my followers list ... this could really make it a lot less cumbersome I think.

The work which people get more information and benefit from here, once again you have done great job.

thanks for your efforts

Thank you @steemchiller. I always use your application #SteemWorld to see my account statistics information.
Your application is very complete, I salute giving a high appreciation for this application. I always support you

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@Steemworld is the first page I see every day, thank you for your great work!

Thanks!. Good Job with Steemworld

@ steemchiller Awesome! I really appreciate our work

Thank you for the hard work, @steemchiller! This is a great app which I use daily. Keep up with the great job you do, you have our full support! 👍

Muchas gracias por esta excelente herramienta, la uso cada día y me es muy útil para verificar todo lo que sucede con mi cuenta.

Gracias por compartir tu publicación.

I am glad that you get more attention now!!! And hopefully more upvotes!

Good work. Anyway it helps me so much to get the information about my steemit account

Here's my weekly 100% for your project.

Your doing awesomely well on the platform good and keep it up boss

Nice work, put together by a great person...

Congratulations @steemchiller great work. Greetings

Fantastic work, I’m glad to support you.

@steamchiller let's be honest with ourselves. We all know steem is a shitty coin. It idealism is no far from being a con of bipolar numbers jumping up and down twisting man's mind. I mean other coins have better setup. @paradigm

Thank you for your work!
I use Steemworld very often and like it!


Thank you for your hard working to improve this tool

Here is my little support for your just cause

love the new features! keep it up!

Congratulations @steemchiller!
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Very thanks for good job

Good to hear you're working on the mobile side. I work from a tablet, so there are some Steem access sites which don't work well for me, yet others rave about them. It's quite frustrating.

I use SteemWorld everyday and truly appreciate your endeavor . Keep on steeming. RESPECT

Upvoted! Keep doing what you do best

Excellent service, upvoted with pleasure :-)

Hi, I've got an suggestion for steemworld if it's possible:
Is it possible to show and simulate my vote amount not only in $ but also in SP and/or Steem?

Amazing project, glad to see another great analytics tool around!

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@steemchiller Great work, 100 percent upvote my friend!

Sending an SBI to give a bit of support

Oh thanks God i found now this account. Thank you @steemchiller i always use steemworld to check my rep and etc , thanks a lot

"" Awesome!!!
너무 좋아요~!!!

Thank you!

Sending an SBI

Excelente trabajo, gracias por la informacion