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Images and info from "SteemWorld"
Reproduced here in this blog are provided
with permission from @steemchiller

Video is made by @xpilar

I've blogged this before, but there are many new Steemians who can now get to know "SteemWorld" and @steemchiller

50% of the profit of the Steem of this blog goes to @steemchiller
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@steemchiller releases weekly reports on "SteemWorld"

I encourage everyone to give him a support / vote
for his good work on "SteemWorld"

"SteemWorld" is an amazing tool for you

Voting Power
In the upper left corner there is a circle that displays our current voting power (VP) in a graphical way. The center of the circle contains a label with the VP in percent (rounded to 2 decimal places). By moving the mouse over the text it will show a hint with a more precise value. The $ amount at the bottom represents the worth of a vote with 100% strength and the currently displayed VP (in this case also 100%).

The element is interactive so that we can simulate different VP values by clicking/touching it as shown in the following animation:

Voting Values
The table on the right to the VP control shows a preview for votes with different strengths. So all this together enables us to simulate a VP to see how much a vote would be worth with the chosen VP for various percentages in strength.

For better understanding
The “Voting Values” table does not show the worth of votes for different VP percentages. It shows the worth for different vote strengths in conjunction with the current/chosen VP.

This might be a bit confusing at the beginning and the best way to learn how it works is to play with different values and watch the resulting amounts for a while.

"SteemWorld" is an amazing tool for you

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Absolutely agree with you, it is not possible to imagine Steemit without Steemworld. @steemchiller is great and very talented! I am glad that you advertise his work and encourage people to support him :)


yes @stef1

SteemWorld is a tool I can't do without

Hope that many will give their support to @steemchiller

This is a very good site

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  • I have use it for a long time, the most I love is I can monitor my curation for steem community and how much my curation benefitt back again for me. (Coming reward button)
  • Simple, why ? The features is very complete, I can count who has give me and how much I give them back. Also here, I can see how much steem, sp, sbd I get for a week, month etc so I can do more while paying. (In &out account operation button)
  • @steemchiller always give an update for this app. Even I am not yet give a donate because my ablitiy, but I sure this app very useful for me. Update #40
  • Thanks sir @steemchiller and sir @xpilar for support this app. God bless both of you.
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SteemWorld by @steemchiller is Incredibly useful and complete statistics for each account on Steem blockchain.


yes, totally agree with you@eii



you just rose a upvote from @curationhelper thanks for post promotion. For Information read my daily post


You need to own more BEER (6 BEER allows you to send 1 BEER per day)

Steemworld is a tool I use every day.

Steemworld allows me to organize my Steemit activity and to understand the internal Steem dynamics.

Perfect, thanks

Obviously I will suport him..
Thanks for sharing

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Thank you for this. This looks like really a great tool understand everything in a a click, Though at present votes have not much value but still it makes a great information page.

Will share this to all soon.

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nice to hear, thank you for sharing it @angelro

Very useful information. Thankyou @xpilar.

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This is amazing. I will definitely vote.

Very useful information. Thanks.

i use this a lot great to get all the stats on the go


yes @blazing,
I can't do without using SteemWorld every day

I’ve been using SteemWorld for some time now and I never realized you could adjust the voting power indicator. I learned something new today. Thanks for sharing! 👍🏻🙂

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Wow its really good and very usefull to us

@xpilar, Definitely Steemworld platform is very effective and overall Robustic look and processing makes this platform more usable and attractive.

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yes, totally agree with you @chireerocks


Thank you.

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Great information thanks for sharing.

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This article is very useful. I will try it.

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Nice one to steemian world1 as I saw many fish like tillapar fish🎏 Flow in the steem water, when I looked this video

Wowwwww thats amazing website :)

It is "SteemWorld" a fantastic and easy to use tool.


Yes @teresah, it's great

Wow, SteemWorld looks really cool. this is an amazing tool.


yes, you have to try it @aulia1993

This is a fantastic and very useful tool, great information Mr. @xpilar.

I like that you promote this tool so useful, easy to handle and simple.
Since I met her I use it!

My knowledge has increased after reading your writing, sir. Thank you

Good day @xpilar, useful as all the herremientas, but this one is exclusive for the community steemit, thanks for sharing the information.


Nice to hear @leca