Epic Conquest (Final Part)


Hi again everyone. I finish the game yesterday, i was level 43 when i finish it, will show you my stats and equipments.. I put a lot of skill cooldown reduction so you can use skills much faster. Also i use the dragonfire or dragonvoid costume to summon the dragon every 15times use of skills to make crazy damage on your enemies. Stats shown below;


The other thing i wanna show you i just learn that day was you can boost your exp gain and also loot gain by watching ads so you level up faster. If i knew this sooner i can finish the game within 1 or 2 days time. Exp booster give you 50% extra exp to your character for fast leveling and as for the loot booster there is 50% chance you get double items from monsters which is great for material grinding for those special weapons and armor to craft.


Also check the daily bonuses for extra push for your character as shown below;


The other thing you should do is the chest box icon on top right corner of the character screen it will give you random but useful items every 6 hours to make your gameplay easier, that is how i get most of my costume without even spend money on the game. I do hope people who can spend do help the developer because Epic Conquest 2 is still under construction they say. i recommend you to do this when youre free just click on the ads button to boost 1hour from the time given to you. Try it and check it out yourself if you need those items.


This is the achievement you can do to gain prizes from the game. I never really check on it because it will automatically cleared by itself the longer you play the game. Picture shown below;


This part is the most important to get stronger asap the daily challenges, the first one is the treasure chamber they allow you hit the treasure chest to get lots of money, time your roll properly so you don't receive damage, second is Demon invasion your mission is to defend the village just kill as many waves as possible you get crazy amount of EXP and Money in the end, The 3rd one is Chaotic Field, you can only do this challenge when you finish the game. The items you receive is for the Relic Equipments Level 60 i think this is the last most powerful weapons and armors you can make in the game. Last challenge i haven't got it yet due to the requirement is crazy haha. You need to finish Abyss mode for all stages to get the last challenge.


Unfortunately after i finish the story of the game at level 43 i get bored of it due to the grinding for materials to craft weapons and armors. If you have time do craft and show me how the damage is like. Anyway hope you guys like this review take care and keep safe thank you for reading.


Will post some spoiler here pictures from the game that involves the story if you don't want to see the spoiler stop reading now :)














If you like this review and you miss the previous review do check out the first and second part of this game review and let me know what you think. Have fun.



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