Epic Conquest Review (Part 2)

2년 전


Hi again, theres a lot to talk about in this game but its quite straight forward in what you should do.


This is the world map where you click on it and start your quest to find Edna's brother. The story is quite good so its worth the read.

What you should do first just go ahead and finish as many stage as possible in the normal mode.

Until you reach 10.X stage where you fight all the bosses in that continent to craft powerful weapons as shown below.


Just keep grinding until you get full equipment especially the weapon. Make the weapon first before you make the armors and so on. The reason why i do this i hate grinding haha. The more damage you can make the faster the grind.


This is my stats. This game when you level up you can choose which stats that you wish to upgrade. As you can see for me from the start of the game i put all in intelligence to get maximum damage. To raise your damage for Edna is intelligence as for Alaster you need to put the point under Strength.

I like to dodge rather than take damage from enemies so might as well max damage and roll my way to victory.

Its up to you what is your play style if you want a tank you should use Alaster because he's weapon stats is low damage but high defence. Thats all for now have fun guys


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