Hello Hero All Stars: 3D Cartoon Idle RPG Game Review


Game Type: Idle RPG

Released: 24 MAY 2019

Developer: Fincon


Hi guys, I found this beautiful graphic game in play store recently and well kinda sad to say I didn't enjoy it. The only thing that I like about this game is the graphic it's really beautiful for an idle game. Other than that there are some other things you can do in the game but I don't find it enjoyable.

The good thing about the game there is no most powerful character. Basically, you can make any character be the most powerful so it says on the description on the game in play store.

The levelling is quite basic just log in every day and collect the experience, gold and start levelling up your characters. You can farm equipment as well in the mission option at a certain level of the game. Everything unlocks quite fast in the game just keep killing bosses till you get stuck then time to wait for the grind.


Below is the description of the game from playstore and i will post some pictures of the game for your viewing. Hope you like it thank you for reading




Below is the description of the game in playstore link here

Go on an adventure with legendary heroes from Hello Hero in this 3D Idle RPG!

Enjoy the evolution of 3D Idle RPGs with Hello Hero All Stars. Start a journey with the legendary heroes from Hello Hero, and completely new heroes. Help the heroes win the war against the enemies in a never-ending arena across the universe. It’s the clash of multiple universes!

Hello Hero All Stars is unlike any other idle RPG and clicker games. Detailed and full 3D cartoon graphics, with an all new navigation system will make you want to collect all as many heroes as you can to evolve.

Characters in Hello Hero All Stars are unlike those from any other RPG games. There are classic heroes such as knights and archers, and completely new heroes that fight with trumpets and donuts. Choose your favorite heroes and evolve them to make them even stronger!

Key Features:

• Fun and Easy Gameplay •
Don’t get stressed while playing! Enjoy an easy, yet fun idle RPG. Included is a hassle-free clicker content that requires a great combination of heroes and strategy.

• Collect All the Heroes •
Rescue the cutest heroes as you slay more bosses and run further along the arena. Each hero has different skills and abilities, so be sure to collect as many as you can to make the best team.

• Evolve Everything •
There is no strongest character in this game. Choose your favorite hero and use upgrades to evolve them. You can upgrade just about everything from skills to items.

• All New Coordinate System •
Hello Hero All Stars brings a unique coordinate system which allows you to use all the heroes you’ve collected. Get big rewards by hitting the perfect combination of coordinates. No heroes go to waste.

• Full 3D Cartoon Graphics •
You’ll be surprised at the heroes you find in this game. Some will remind you of your favorite cartoons and animations. The cutest heroes further add an element of fun in collecting even more heroes.


  • A network connection is required to play

Languages Supported:
*Chinese Traditional
*Chinese Simplified

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