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Independence? We are free from what? From being slaves to our jobs? Free from debts? Freedom FROM religion? Free to express opinions without threats or being killed? Stop being delusional, wake the fuc# up and grow up. You're just another number that was forced into the system thinking (illusion) that you're free.

Ask yourself you're free from what?

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Welcome back with your first post in a month @ragnarhewins90

Did you take a break from posting? Glad to see that you're still around.

ps. it's so hard to define freedom. Especially in current world where we're all slaves of current economic system build on debt. Are we free or are we enslaved?

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Have been working too much felt like there is no other things in life but work which is sad.

Also met quite a lot of people lately a lot of them are elites that doesn't follow law which is very annoying when we are in the restaurant industry.

To be honest much more that i can list down but my brain in not working well currently due to tiredness

We are enslaved by the system that have been set up long time ago until today and theres nothing we can do about it. We do not have the power or the money to change much.

Anyway thanks for dropping by i need to continue work.


hi @ragnarhewins90

didn't hear from you in a long while. Hope you're still okey there and just taking a break from Steemit?



Hi @crypto.piotr I'm fine, Im still thinking about how to write the next part of the book but it will involve a lot of people and its very sensitive issue. I met someone recently after a long talk about the issue I decided to write about it.

I'm not taking a break but work have been very tiring lately due to I'm the only manager right now the other manager just resigned so all decisions falls on me now.

Thank you for asking really appreciate it.

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Late thank you for your reply @ragnarhewins90

I want you to know that I really appreciate your time and your comments

Check out my latest publication..
It brought some real emotions. I've been downvoted by over half million SP (attack of few accounts), however I also received solid support and few strong upvotes and now I will be enjoying the biggest genuine payout in my lifetime ;)

Yours, Piotr

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