HUMILIATION AT WORK : Your views and advice are very much needed my friends!

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Greetings world of beautiful Steemians!

Finally after some long days of absences, I am back writing couple of lines to all my lovely followers and friends around the world of steemit. I've missed you all, but for sure you gonna read from me more often now on!

Things have not been so easy for me recently with couple of unfortunate events happening at work - I'll write on my personal experiences in the days to come and share with you all!

You must have surely noticed the title of my blog today : HUMILIATION AT WORK!!!
I really want to get the opinion of the people here on Steemit about this problem which is so present at so many workplaces around the world.

From the information I've gathered and we all know, many people are suffering from bullying, humiliation and harassment at work, but they can't do anything about their rights. One of the events I've experienced recently is : Humiliation at work infront of all managers of that particular workplace by a senior management member.

  • How does the world of steemit sees this problem?
  • What would you do if you were humiliated at your workplace when you did not do anything wrong?
  • How can the world of steemit help/advice someone suffering from humiliation at work?
  • Can anyone throw sheets of paper on someone's face in a full meeting room?


Thank to help me on this guys, I have been a victim and I am in the process to seek legal help on same.
I would like to know if I can also get some international support to get justice from the ones who humiliated me.


Looking forward to read from you!

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Brother, how are you? I regret so much that you come back this way, but I'm sure everything will be solved and you will come out well of all this, I give you my support steemit is a great window for you to feel at ease, I know that you have people here who support you and wish you the best.

People who act bad sooner or later have their punishment, so you will get well out of all this.

Greetings from Venezuela!


Hello brother! I really hope justice will be made soon.
Thanks so much for the support!

Maybe they are not lucky enough to have the person like you. Soon they will realize thier mistake.

If you believe Satan's existence with his demons/devils armies, then let the battle begins!

Humility conquers the devil.
(A lot of this topic is available available online.)
We fight up to our last breath!

We're in a physical and spiritual warfare, whether you like it or not.
How do I know this? This is based on my faith, knowledge and experience.

Many people would say be positive, think positive, positive is the key. If you're sad, show that you're happy and nothing happened.
My friend, it only shows that we're lying and dishonest to ourselves, its not realistic, its not real!

I read last night online about the Benefits of Negativity

Positivity is something that almost everyone strives to achieve, and there always seem to be people preaching how they can do so. From motivational speakers teaching people to go and bring a positive good to the world, to books detailing how you can remove negativity and hate from your life, positive thoughts are always being forced onto everyone, even if they don't want them, and they'd have a very good reason not to.

Just a few weeks ago, I was sitting in a leadership seminar, and the speaker was giving a presentation on how you can easily achieve success. I expected to learn about decisions you could make in life to end up achieving what you wanted regardless of what that goal is - instead I got a 45-minute presentation about how keeping a positive mindset leads to positive results. One of the main points of the presentation was that having a positive mindset and attitude, even if you weren't happy, would result in positive results and ultimately happiness.This attitude sounds like a fantastic idea to achieve happiness, but in reality, it would almost never work.

Having a positive attitude all the time is essentially just like someone setting themselves up for sadness if they fail. Some would argue that a positive mindset would incline you to see failure as a way to grow and learn rather than an actual failure. This also might sound like something that would work to ensure happiness, but it's much harder to put these plans into action than it seems. After countless attempts and failures, anyone's morale would lower, regardless of how positive they were. Because of this, it's typically beneficial to just keep a negative attitude, and avoid the problems associated with constant positivity.

Being negative doesn't necessarily mean that you have to hate everything and be completely pessimistic towards what your future holds, it just means that you have to be slightly realistic in an overtly optimistic world. Similarly, it doesn't mean that you have to be pessimistic to the point that you lose all of your self-confidence; it means that you have to know when to expect good results and know when you may not do as well as you would like in what you pursue, in order to ensure that you can prevent being hurt if you don't succeed.

Thus being negative is just the same as being realistic, which can save anyone from potential heartbreak in the long-run, if they remain too positive. Despite what the motivational speakers and books may say, a positive mindset won't magically lead to a successful life, and it could even lead to more pain. The only way to be successful is to just try hard and be realistic with yourself.

A lot of stuffs online to read but I just pick one.

I quoted what you said:

What would you do if you were humiliated at your workplace when you did not do anything wrong?
Can anyone throw sheets of paper on someone's face in a full meeting room?

Be patient, we're not yet even shading blood!
There are those many victims much more extreme and horrible torture of any sort!
We're in a battle field soldier! Get up!


Поддерживая мысль @ronel о том, что всё вокруг есть битва, предлагаю Вам, @progressivechef , подумать ещё и о том, что наступит час и Вам будет дана возможность публично решить судьбу человека. Может быть то, что происходит сейчас, закалит Вас для будущего и Вы никогда не позволите себе унизить более слабого в социуме? ))) Перемелется- мука будет. (русская народная мудрость).


I'm sorry @astrofilosof , I can't understand your language. :)

Sorry this happened. You will eventually end up in a better place I am sure. Try to enjoy your day.

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File a complaint at the HR department about inappropriate conduct, etc.


And when the HR itself is corrupted and in hands with the culprit...this is where things get worst!


Time to get upper management involved at that point.

The best advice I can give is to have a discussion with Human Resources on this issue, and if possible, talk to the person at fault telling how you feel about their actions and your discomfort. It is very important you do not allow this issue slide else it will become recurrent.


This is exactly what I did my friend, but in the end I was served a termination letter. The use of power is such a dirty thing at any workplace.

Firstly, I congratulate you on the upcoming birth of your baby, of what you write, I think those people are wrong humiliating others, if they do not put together groups that have empathy and apart from that, they give themselves to the task of screaming mistreatment. deal. I do not understand that to believe they are bosses they have to shout and humiliate others. you as a professional should never allow any kind of abuse, harassment or humiliation, especially because you are not of that kind of people, so do not let them contaminate you, everything will be resolved, and here you will have the support of all your followers , my respect for you. @progressivechef

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Hi Bro, @progressivechef.... From your blog though it is not very clear, I could understand that something unwanted has happened there!!.
Seek legal advice and proceed. Wishing you all the best....
And... Congratulations to you and your wife, as I just read her blog and came to know that she is on her family way again... Rheem will be very happy too... :) <3... Love and hugs to you all...


Namaste sister! Yes something unethical happened to me, but I just moved on and now things are getting better for me! I'll get back to my bistro and blogging on steemit and live my life like that, much better.
Hmmm yes sister, 2nd baby coming up soon...Rheem was quite ill couple of days back and was even being admitted, she got convulsion, it was the most scary moment of my life.
Warm hugs from Mauritius!


Hi @progressivechef, gosh I had no idea you were going through so much trauma at work and at home. I'm glad to see things are brightening up for you. All the best :-)

we need to take notes.

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Oh no I'm sorry to hear of your situation. The worst I had was a more senior member made an unjustified complaint about me and I was forced to resign. I was pretty pissed because it was pure nonsense and it was basically they were jealous and felt threatened by my knowledge. I suspect same might be happening too you for similar reasons. I wish there was a way for you to maybe go at it alone start your own business you are the boss and you don't have to work for know one. Your company your dynamics. I hope u find a solution!


Hello my friend! So happy to read from you! This is what I'll do now on, better I work for myself, be my own boss + blogging on steemit, life will be much better.

very interesting topic, I have to take a closer look :)

Han sido tantas personas que han pasado por situaciones como esas, y nunca salen a la luz. Te doy mi apoyo, no podemos seguir aguantando maltrato de otros. Estas situaciones tienen que parar!.

Friend it is a pleasure to know about you again, I really miss you a lot here, I regret that it is in these circumstances but I am here to give you your support.

Regrettably in the whole world there are this type of problems intimidation, humiliation and harassment at work, it is mostly always spoken and defended is women, but men are also victims and you are an example of it.

It seems unbelievable how people abuse their power to commit these acts against their employees, and it is unfortunate how many let themselves be humiliated because they put their family and their needs first, and they endure whatever it is, I am so happy that you did not leave and that you go To take this before the law, you are a great cheff and I am sure you will get ahead, steemit is a great help and support.


Hey my friend! Hope all is well! Oh yes complete abuse of power here, I will go to any extent to have these people punished for such actions.
Thanks so much for the help.

This happens to everyone , hence should not take personally

Hi, the only advice that I can give you, is that you must defend yourself. Do not let them to see you falling. You must do something or you will have two consequences in the future: The company will continue oppressing you and, because of emotional reactions from your body, you will somatize your problem until it becomes a disease. Do not let them make you fall... you must fight until the end.

At keast if one is getting higher packages then humiliation should be borne.Otherwise search for other job where no one insults in front of senior .Are one ready to quit job bcoz of humiliation @progressivechef ?


They've fired me in the end, despite that I was right! What a world!

¡saludos hombre! soy nuevo en esta red social así que no conozco tus demás publicaciones pero vaya que este tema de la humillación en el trabajo es algo que de verdad les suele pasar a muchos y como a los muchos que les pasa esto no toman cartas en el asunto y se sigue dañando la relación laboral que obviamente es una bomba de tiempo. Debes hacer algo al respecto para no tener accidentes a la larga. Adios hombre y que soluciones tu problema

Hola saludos a todos. En respuesta Cómo ve el mundo de Steemit este problema:
seguramente todos queremos que no se presentaran tales situaciones incomodas que resultan un daño moral es injusto pero seguirá pasando mientras no exista unidad de parte de todos por un bien en común

¿Qué harías si te humillaran en tu lugar de trabajo cuando no hiciste nada malo

2 Suele suceder también que una persona se pone de victima ante una situación de la cual el responsable, que tan mala o bueno es ese algo para dicha persona ? Lo mejor que se puede hacer es defenderse con base sin caer al nivel de la persona que este agrediendo. Si tienes seguridad de lo que eres y lo que quieres. No tendras problemas de aclarar el mal entendido.

puede el mundo de Steemit ayudar / aconsejar a alguien que sufre de humillación en el trabajo?
Seguramente si. Mientras existan personas que pasan circunstancias similares " muchas las superan y tienen la madurez suficiente para crecer en todos los ámbitos y mas ese de paz en su vida.

¿Alguien puede tirar hojas de papel en la cara de alguien en una sala de reuniones completa?

No debe estar vacía la sala para que el acto deje de ser notado " lo que esta mal es que suceda y por mas o menos que sea la humillación deje de ser subestimada . El problema principal es el silencio de todos y en vez de solidarizarse con el afectado se unen con el agresor dándoles aun mas poder.

Lo mejor seria analizar y saber si estas en el lugar indicado.


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I called an attorney when my boss threw the pointy metal object that you stab restaurant receipts with at me. The attorney practically mocked me! It seems people can get away with anything. I finally ended up quitting my job not till after my boss broke my eyeglasses, hid my new pair of glasses outside, threw my phone in the garbage amongst countless other things. Of course she also fisxhed money out of my tips. I truly think you may be fighting a lost cause. Especially if witnesses don"t want to get involved and mess with their position at work. I know the frustration, anger and anxiety it causes. I wish you the very best, though. With me i stsrted feeling ethically dirty to be treated like that and stay and try to stick it out in hopes that things would get better but that kind of treatment youre talking sbout affexts your mental and physical health. I hate to sound so crass, but my advise is get out before things het turned around on you. Respect to you.

Work place bullying is a common phenomenon. I have experienced it and most people I know have experienced it at some point or another. A lot depends on who is bullying you. Is this person a co-worker or a boss? Do you work with them daily or just once in a while? Most workplace have been worked in have some sort of workplace code of conduct. Often this is not enforced or inconsistently enforced.

You should also have a representative that you can consult. So you should have options, it all depends on your workplace. You shouldn't have to work in an environment where you are uncomfortable nor should you be forced to leave either.

Truth be told it is difficult to offer any advice until you explain your exact circumstances. I am not sure if this has been of any help but I hope you can resolve your situation.

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Respected @progressivechef #humiliation at work place is almost common. Why we continue to work with there? According to me is fear of losing . Best thing is if you think are right then just go and opposed, or you can wait for right time to hit the ball. Best of luck.

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Excellent article. I am new to the platform and I would like to publicize my articles, in advance, thanks for your support


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Oh my! This sounds terrible! I wish there were brighter things for you to tell us about. I hope you will find a proper way to solve the problem and you'll have the strength and support you need! Sending love and good thoughts! ☀️


Hello my friend! What's up! I wished same too, but unfortunately! Anyway, I've moved on these things and concentrating on positive actions both on steemit and my professional life. Getting back to my bistro as from Thursday next! btw stay tuned for some nice challenges coming up soon...

hello @progressivechef, In the middle of the 21st century, I believe that we end exploitation, abuse and humiliation, each country has its own laws and organizations that protect the worker.
Actually, it does not explain what kind of abuse he suffered, but this type of abuse, verbal or physical, whatever it is, is punishable in almost every country.
personally, I do not agree, I also mistreated you, the owner of the company, if you did not really value the work and the effort you put in for that job, then it's better that you retire and be in a place where they value it as a professional and person.
The abuse came from a manager, who, although superior to you, is equal to you. is an employee, so personally I would write a letter to the owners of the company, showing my dissatisfaction with the way that person addresses the employees, so if I throw the papers in your face, that is physical abuse.
I want you to solve that, in the welfare of your future.
Blessings to you.

Just taking easy, everything for one reason, if you are the best in your job you should work just for you and not for someone else, it sounds like a metaphor like this phrase ....ºdon´t let the schooling interfere with your education..º so keep going and be successful..

the thing that upsets me the most about this, it's the fact that when someone who knows has a superior range of power because the time and that stuff, they think they can treat you the way they want but if you get to dismiss them then they'll go play the victim and say you had it comin when they started that, it would be good to have proofs in case someone tries to attack you in some way

hi @progressivechef . Upon seeing your post like this, I saw myself on your shoes. Just like you, I've been verbally harassed at work some 2 years ago before I eventually decided to resign. I am a nurse by profession. So sometime ago, I had received unrighteous treatments from my chief nurse and even doctors. They had even invaded my personal life and I was deprived of rest days because they hated me. I admit I had committed a few setbacks at work but that shoudn't be the reason to humiliate me just as if I was unprofessional. I had respected my colleagues so much until they pushed my buttons beyond my temper. They insulted me just because things didn't go their way. Sounded like they displaced their anger towards me instead to what got their nerves. Of course, as soon as "that happened" I expressed my true self to them face to face because I couldn't take anymore. I confronted them and told my reasons why I should not deserve something like that. Then I left. For me, you should do the same because you have a right to have respect. No matter how long would you endure the extremes at work, you won't grow professionally. And you those people who are getting on your nerves will cause emotional stress on your life. That's all i can say. I hope you'll find peace on your career. Great post!

Welcome back and hang in there! Don't allow these "bullies" to get the best of you. Upvoted and Resteemed.

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