Why do we spend so much time caring what other people think

2년 전


People are too self obsessed to worry about you or what’ve done. Relax, breathe x

‘You probably wouldn’t worry about what people think of you if you could know how seldom they do.’ ― Olin Miller

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@fabish Balance is the key. I think you have to care what your family and close friends say and think of you, but be vary of opinions from people who don’t know you or just know very little


I'd say that when other people's opinions are worth caring about, their wishes for you are aligned with your own, and pleasing them turns out to be effectively the same thing as being yourself anyway.

Also, I'd say that your photos absolutely count as art.

Why do you say, 'Don't hate me for my art' ?
I haven't seen any - is it still coming?

@arthur.grafo it’s coming 😊

Sadly thats true. Most people do not care about others, but is it the right way to ignore what others could think about you? Why not a balance between "OK-ish enough for everyone" and "I dont care about what other think"? :D

@nleseul oh thank you so much! Your comment is amazing and gives me the courage to continue with my work 💛